Building the Nest

Picture this--220 men and women made meals in advance, set out clothes in little piles, arranged rides to practices, and said goodbye to children (pulled them off their legs in some cases). They set aside life for a weekend to come together, as a couple, as a community. Couples were encouraged as parents to children who have experienced hard things, as couples who need each other to work as a unified team, and as individuals who are called to a big task.

That’s the kind of thing that fills my heart. It’s so very needed.

It was The Sparrow Fund who made it happen. Founded in 2011 by a mom and dad who’s hearts felt that need too, The Sparrow Fund is a nonprofit based in the Philadelphia suburbs whose mission is to support foster and adoptive families through grants, training opportunities, and this marriage retreat Together Called. They also care for waiting children across the world and those who care for them day in and day out by taking teams into an orphanage in central China annually.

And, this month, they need our help so they can continue helping. A whole bunch of businesses are coming alongside of The Sparrow Fund, saying, “Yes, we support adoptive families and the work of The Sparrow Fund to pour into them.” More than 40 partners have made a commitment to give 10% of their total sales during the month of May so that The Sparrow Fund can help others as they build their nests.

That’s where we come in. Click HERE to see all the businesses and then shop purposefully (there’s really no better excuse to shop, right?). Share the link with your friends. Get the word out, and make that 10% something crazy big.


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