Im sorry I have not been blogging very regularly. Truth is I have become part of the WAGI (We Are Grafted In) team and any time that I would have normally used to blog on my own sites, has become time to research other blogs for posts that will encourage and equip other families through the WAGI audience.

But I did want to update our little e-adoption community and say that our family is headed into another season of major transitions. We are moving to FL in a few weeks as my husband has been offered a new ministry position out there that we are really excited about. With that alone brings a lot of changes to our routine which is critical in Jaydn's attachment process. The community in FL isn't as racially diverse but there is a better adoption support system out there. I've heard there are many families with Ugandan children in our area and I am anxious to become a part of the support group there!

Another benefit of where we will be living is there is an International Adoption Clinic nearby that I can go to as a resource for Jaydn's development. I am hoping that the speech therapy program will be more specific to her needs as well. Her speech needs are not being addressed as well as they have needed to be and Im sure the southern accent isn't helping the articulation process either. I look forward to finding someone that specializes in cases like hers and can give her the individual therapy that she needs to develop her speech more clearly. It doesn't seem to be a frustration to her but it causes a lot of difficulty for us to be able to connect relationally when we can't communicate well.

Moving is just one of the upcoming changes to our family but its a big one so please consider praying for us as we attempt to establish our new life in FL. Thank you ahead of time!

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