Small victories

I know I have said this before but Jaydn really is amazing. She wants to learn things and is like a sponge when you are able to teach her something new. Some times she will even teach herself based on observation if you don't train her quick enough! Like the other day I caught her riding Jovie's bike in the garage. We just bought that bike in March and since we have moved to a very hilly area, we haven't been riding much so she took it upon herself to figure it out! Impressive.

The signs to me that Jaydn is making progress in adapting mean so much. I find myself clinging to them as promises of hope for the future and signs that I am not a complete failure. Like the other day we were at the speech therapists office and Jaydn became really cuddly. She sat in my lap until the therapist came out and then she tucked into me even further as if to say she didn't want to go with her. When Jovie and Jaxon do that I quickly remind them that I will be there when they get done while moving them to go with her. But with Jaydn I wanted to just hold her b/c it is so rare she prefers me to someone else. She likes her therapist and will easily go to her if prompted but the fact that she preferred to stay with me was like a victory point in the area of our bonding.

Don't get me wrong, we still have times when she clings to other adults. Like when we went to the water park and a lifeguard came up to talk to her, for the rest of the time we were in there I was peeling her hand from the lifeguards' and asking her to go play or have mommy help her instead. Its so awkward to do but necessary to teach her that all adults are not created equal.

This summer has been a lot of fun amidst all the craziness of moving houses and all that life requires of us. Jaydn has been doing swim lessons the past few weeks and has no fear of the water anymore (she was terrified in Uganda) so she is enjoying those. The kids are bonding more and more everyday and I look forward to more one on one time with Jaydn after Jax and Jo start school in the next few weeks.

Lastly, Jaydn has a big day coming up: SHE TURNS 3 on AUGUST 14th! This will be her first birthday party and I can't help but look forward to celebrating her life and all the attention being on her for a day!

We are blessed and carried by the prayers of all of you-thank you!

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Stephanie Mueller said...

Thank you so much for taking time to update us. Even when I don't take time to comment, I thoroughly enjoy reading how the Lord is working in your family and in Jaydn's life. Paying for all of you as the Lord brings you to mind.