There is a first time for everything

The best part of our daily routine lately is remembering how many "firsts" there are with Jaydn. She never left the walls of her orphanage so its all new to her. In Uganda she had her firsts with a lot of foods, swimming in a pool, going to the mall, riding in a car etc. This week she saw her first movie in a theater (Cars 2) and watched her first 4th of July fireworks. Next month she will celebrate her first birthday party even though she is turning three years old! Everything is new and different for her which breathes a new life into them for me too.

There are a lot of firsts in the areas of understanding, development and speaking too! Its like watching a baby sit up, crawl and then walk right before your very eyes. She has amazed me with her ability and willingness to learn and adapt to her new life. She is a sponge wanting to try it all and learn how to do it all in an instant. Some firsts have gone well and easily while others prove to be more difficult and need more foundational pieces in place before we can do it again but she keeps trying and ultimately has shown us that she trusts us no matter what. Perhaps that is a first for her too.


Tracy said...

How exciting experiencing all of those firsts...Awesome!! I love the picture of their feet!

Natasha said...

I'm loving the 'firsts' with a ten year old too! It's sometimes difficult to remember all the firsts and remember our kiddies have only been home 7 months.
They have done soooooo well x