Worth it

Its funny how you think the paperwork, procedures and hoops you have to jump through will come to an end once your child is home. Boy was I wrong!! Its been nothing but running around, fees, appointments, assessments, court hearings, meetings, paperwork, waiting, etc since we came home in mid December. This time I had to do it all in a new town, with a bunch of professional strangers and with three kids in tow! Every time I think the end is nearing another step in the path is brought to light. I am hopeful though that after 6.5 months we might actually be close to the end (as far as paperwork is concerned.) A few weeks ago I received Jaydn's US passport and just a few days ago she got her own social security number! Today we completed our post placement sessions with our social worker too. Next on the list is that we have to apply for U.S. citizenship, notify all of the medical agencies of her new name (finally Dr's will stop referring to us as the Birungi family) and social security # and start full on speech therapy.

Jaydn continues to impress me with her rapid growth and attempts at simulating into a family home environment. You can tell she wants to learn and so far she had taken in all of ours and professionals' teaching with open hands and heart. Of course she still has her areas of improvement, don't we all, but she is eager and I feel like time is on her side. I look forward to the fall when Jaxon and Jovie are in school part of the day so I can tend to her individual needs more than I am able to right now. She and I had a date (lunch and errand running) a few days ago and I was so in awe of how amazing she is. I overlook that most of the time when I am focused on meeting the many other needs of my family. Tonight, after I had been working all day, I caught up with my crew at a place similar to Chuck E Cheese called Pizza Playtime. When I snuck up behind her and swooped her up in my arms without her seeing who it was. Once she caught a view of my face she lit up and squealed "MOMMY!!!" while throwing her arms around my neck and hugging me very tightly. It blessed me so very much to be reminded that despite my shortcomings, she knows I love and adore her.

Please continue to pray for us as we juggle the schedule and costs of summer, therapy sessions, work days, appointments, school drop offs/pick ups, fees etc. She, and her "excited to see mommy" hugs are so worth the pain and problems of the path.


goldentimes said...

She has the most beautiful smile!!!

A. R. Campbell said...

My eyes got all misty reading about her being so excited to see her MOMMY! I agree with goldentimes. She has the most beautiful smile!

Anonymous said...

I just want you to know that I just discovered your blog today and I have been captivated. This blog has impacted me for two reasons. One, I love Uganda. My heart resides there and so does my husband's. I have made two trips to that beautiful country and love it very much. Number two, because my husband and I are waiting to travel to adopt our baby girl Annie from Taiwan. Praying for your family.

Tara Fraser