Adoption Depression- Part 3

For a lot of you this information about PADS is all new. For others, you've heard of it but haven't experienced it. Others have or have had PADS but haven't told anyone. So why am I writing about all of this on a blog? Why am I exposing my personal dark secrets regarding PADS? Honestly, its because thats who I am. I am a transparent person. This trait has both enriched and complicated my life (especially as a pastors wife) but ultimately I see my story as a chapter in GODS story so it must be told.

Amongst the adoption community there is an unspoken fear of sharing such realities or experiences b/c we would NEVER want to discourage or scare another family from adopting. Im trusting thats not going to be the case with my posts. I hope that if I were to write about how hard it is to parent Jovie b/c she is a stubborn, disobedient brat that people would not so easily give up on their desire to have girls simply b/c Bethany said it might be hard. As adults we should know that sacrifices cost something and you never know what that price tag may be. So you just decide if its worth it and in my case Jaydn, and most of the time Jovie, are!

I just finished a few books (not about adoption) that gave me some much needed pick me up material and now I am going to crack open a text I was given called, "The Post-Adoption Blues: overcoming the unforeseen challenges of adoption." I will be sure to share what I learn from that in the coming weeks as I seek to find ways and resources to continue my path out of this sensitive place. But I have come to see this season as a gift entrusted to me. PADS is a very different and unfamiliar path but its leading me towards learning more about God's faithfulness and sovereignty and so I welcome it.

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goldentimes said...

I thank you for sharing and being transparent, we are greatly considering adoption and your blog has helped me as we might be moving in the midst of the adoption process, we are still waiting on God's timing but your blog has helped me to see what might lay ahead and for that I thank you!