10 things I love about Jaydn

After my post yesterday I can almost feel the sense of being "let down" from some of our readers. Im not hurt by it b/c I know I may not be articulating well enough for them to hear what I mean and understand fully. So today I want to post something a little more rose colored to help balance things out.

Here is a list of 10 things I LOVE about Jaydn:
1. Her smile
2. Her laugh
3. Her eyes
4. She loves to learn and learns quickly
5. She loves to get dressed up-pick out shoes and bows etc
6. She always wants to help
7. She is so easy to put to bed :)
8. She is forgiving
9. She takes initiative
10. She LOVES flip flops (just like her mommy)

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Becky Ryder said...

11. She likes hiding in cabinets!