Sand and Waves

Also while we were in FL we took advantage of the beach! Jaydn had never been to one before and we have reason to believe that the first time she ever encountered a pool was with us in Uganda. The first few times she screamed and clawed at me if I even attempted to put her toes in but eventually she would float around in it. We had no idea how she would respond to the sand and the "crash" of the Gulf shore waves so we took it slow. I kept thinking it was probably a good thing she was exposed to the Gulf before an ocean like I grew up going to-the Pacific. To our surprise she was all about it! She loved the feeling of her toes sinking into the sea. She was eager to bounce, splash and play about in the water. It was a little cold for my taste however so Gigi bore the brunt of that task. I came in a few times but not for long...I wanted to be warm in the sun as much as I could be. Jaydn loved every second of our beach day though! She couldn't get enough. Nathan and I got a kick out of sitting back and watching as the beach walkers would pass by and see Jaydn playing by the water and then look around to try to find out where her parents were. I assume they were looking for black adults but instead they found us waving a gentle, "she's ours!" It was a beautiful day for sure and I am so glad she enjoyed it! Lots of new experiences for her that week!


Natasha said...

I love it when that happens and someone searches for the 'family' they expect and see only 'white'!
One little boy I work with though, asked where Lutaaya's Dad was? Strange question I thought, as most ask what happened to her birth Mum? But he actually thought she was my birth child and she had a very dark Dad! How sweet! The innocence of a child hey?

eives said...

Like Natasha I've been asked about Esther's Dad and if He's black... Er.. no, why do you ask? But yes I too have had folks look past me obviously looking for this child's parents. I still get a kick out of watching them figure it out when I let them know yes I AM supervising my daughter!

Taryn Harvey said...

LOVE that picture :)