Its been awhile

I know it seems like the last thing I would be posting on here would be a plea for you to buy something or donate to the adoption since Jaydn is already home, but the truth is the costs are still coming. We have 2 more post placement reports to be done by our social worker over the next 6 months and all of the paperwork to file to officially make her a U.S. citizen. All of those things cost money and because we live on what we have/make, we are looking for ways to earn a little more to cover those expenses.

So, if you could take a moment and click on the SHOP OUR ONLINE STORE button/link on the right hand side of this blog page, you will find some shirts we had made that are still waiting to be purchased (price reduced) as well as a 5 song CD from one of Nathan's former bands Sojourn Fare for ONLY $8! Every little bit helps as we work toward finishing off all of this adoption processing costs.

Thank you ahead of time for your help.

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