Hair adventures

One of the biggest questions I get is about Jaydn's hair. I forget to brush my own hair everyday so to have not one, but two little girls in our house where I need to not only brush but style their hair is pretty overwhelming. Thankfully, I have help. Even before Jaydn was home with us I was connected to a Facebook group designed to help moms learn styling and upkeep for African hair types. Now I cannot even begin to explore all that is available to me through that group at this point in time but I did manage to get some basics. I have a special brush from Europe, some conditioning spray, a 3 in one hair cleaner, a "nu dred" styling tool and a drawer full of bows, barrettes and headbands. Jaydn loves to feel pretty so even though I am not able to spend hours parting her hair into braids or puffs, I can usually whip together some cute look she is proud of in about 15 minutes. As her hair gets longer though, I can't promise I will always have that luxury. Eventually I will have to make time and jump into the crazy world of hair styling options.

My main goals for now though are:
1. Keep all products used as natural as possible.
2. Keep all styles as painless as possible.
3. Seek ways to maintain the health of her hair and prevent damaging.
4. If she likes/smiles at what she sees in the mirror, that is the most important thing to me.

As I take on these hair adventures I will keep you posted but here are a few of the looks she's had so far.

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Kathryn said...

All of the looks are sooo cute, but I really love the undies on her head! It looks like a style we see at our house very often! :) ~ Katie