Dedication Day

Dedication Day in Christian circles is the day you stand before your church congregation and commit to raising a child in the ways of the Lord. Its like taking a public oath to be an example to and educate the child how to be like Christ: loving, compassionate, selfless, truthful, etc. But instead of standing in front of our current church congregation and making that commitment we traveled to Naples to have her dedicated in the church that brought her home. Prayerfully and financially, FBCN was the group that cried with us and carried us through the highs and lows of the adoption process so we felt it should be the place we dedicated Jaydn for the first time too.

It was an emotional night for us. First with the nostalgia of being amongst our old congregation but also to take public our commitment to raise Jaydn in a Christian home. We have made many oaths in our process of adopting her but none matters more than this one. Its a HUGE responsibility. Its an awareness that our children are looking to us to teach them about what a Christian is. It doesn't mean we live perfectly but it means we live faithfully and honestly in front of our kids. What an honor as a mother and a believer.
Afterward we were swarmed with friends and their warm hugs. We did our best to love on as many as we could while we were there that weekend as a part of the services Saturday and Sunday. We are so blessed by our extended church family in Florida. Just another reason to love the internet as it bridges us to the people we love in Naples despite the distance.

But not only are the parents taking the oath to reflect Christ during a dedication but the church is also called to enter into the picture by promising to come alongside the family in pointing the child toward godly living. That is why we will also be dedicating Jaydn at our current church home, Rock Creek, in May. These are the people that will be with her/us in the coming years and hopefully with her/us on the day she makes the decision to commit her life to Christ. These are the hearts and hands that carry her future in spiritual guidance and we are so excited to be a part of such an amazing group of people here in Little Rock.

God has chosen such an incredible group of people to walk with Jaydn through her past and her future and we are so thankful to both church families for all the love and support they continue to give us every single day.

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