What works for us

I used to cringe when people would say things like, "well that parenting style works for you, it doesn't us." In reality that meant that the benefit did not outweigh the cost. I am completely honest when I say that Nathan and I (mainly just me) have gotten to a point in our parenting where we are doing things we would rather NOT be doing but b/c we are so weary we opt for the easier route in certain areas. One of those areas would be sleeping.

Yes Jaydn and Jovie are now sharing a room but its not as cold turkey as we would have liked. We tried transition. We have tried letting them talk hoping it would get old and they would just go to sleep after awhile but it never did. At least it never did in the time frame we would have preferred it to. Naps never happened and we spent most of our "alone" time shushing girls or reprimanding them into that wee hours of the night/morning as well. It wasn't worth it to us. So instead we have chosen another route to the same end. Jaydn now has two beds. One in her room that she shares with Jovie and another in daddy's closet (don't worry, its huge!). For naps, she sleeps in the closet and Jovie in the room. At bedtime Jaydn starts in her closet bed but is then moved to her room (with Jovie) once she falls asleep. This way, they get to sleep and so do we! While its not ideal, its the best thing to work so far.

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Becky Ryder said...

Hope this new way works and gets you all some sleep:) Raising an adopted child takes alot of tweeking or modifying certain things. I've had to change some ways of doing business countless times. Hang in there, you as mommy know best!! And the book you were asking about, its great, it gave me a new way of thinking...and it in turn has changed the way the kids do things-for the better!