Not enough apples in Uganda...

One of the things I didn't think about (at least not at full extent) when we brought home Jaydn was the amount of DR visits we would have to have. In the last two months Jaydn has had blood drawn, stool samples taken, vaccinations given, hearing tests performed, eye sight tested, speech therapy and assessments for this, that, and the other. That's not even including the times we got her checked out for a good old fashioned cold. The poor girl has been poked and prodded more than any 2 year old should be.

{{And before I get comments about her being vaccinated, trust me, you want her vaccinated. Not doing so puts those of you who have American children, that can afford the luxury of NOT having them done, at huge risk if she went to your school. Not an option.}}

The process has been horrific for both of us (Jaydn and I). We have spent several half days in hospitals, clinics and offices. I have watched her cry and scream so much and so loud that my heart breaks into a million pieces knowing that these experiences shatter her belief that Dr's can be safe people. It takes everything in me not to scream and cry myself, "STOP! STOP! You are hurting my baby!" Not to mention that we are seeing Dr's and specialist that I have never met before. I don't trust them yet, why should she? Moving out of state right before we brought Jaydn home removed our kids from the caring hands of our beloved pediatrician of 5 years, Dr. Dudley. No one can fill her shoes and I have wept many times over how much I wish we were still able to see her while we go through all of this junk. So far we have been to 3 pediatricians at 3 different locations and aren't sure we can go back to any since Jaydn has such negative responses to ALL Dr's, especially ones that have "hurt" her before. So we feel like we will be at square one again when this all gets over with, trying to find someone who can care for Jaydn and build a positive relationship with her before any painful things would need to happen.

As you know she has already been diagnosed with 6 different parasites, including some that had to be reported to the Department of Health. We were called by them and had to explain how she was "exposed" to the toxic things that would cause these parasites. I don't know the answers to all of what she ate, drank, bathed in, slept on etc. so the only answer I had was, "She came here from Uganda." For now that seems to suffice. But of course they are watching our every move to make sure we don't bypass health suggestions for such cases and put others "at risk."

Honestly it has really made me upset about how over resourced we are to keep Americans healthy and how under resourced the rest of the world is. Our suggestion, "An apple a day will keep the DR away." A third world country is more like, "Don't eat anything, drink anything, touch anything, breathe anything, and you might live to see 30." My child is effected by our neglect to care for those outside of our own continent! But that's another post entirely.

As for other testings we are still waiting for a lot of results to come back and we will see about therapies suggested and treatments she may have to endure based on those findings. I haven't even attempted the dentist yet! A lot to think about to say the least. Thankfully, Jaydn has grown to like eating apples. And rest assured, I will offer her as many as it takes!


The Raudenbush Family said...

I was not prepared for all the doctor visits either when we got home from China. I felt like sitting in waiting rooms was my part-time job! And, we had our fair share of parasites and icky things like that too. Got my call from the health department as well. Glad we're all clear now!

Becky Ryder said...

Normally, when my kids cry I don't get too bothered because I know its not horrible pain or fear just some boo boos. But when Elijah was crying from the shots, I started crying too. Its hard to see, I agree with you. Making it worse, he didn't understand the process like my other 2 did. Don't worry about the dentist. I waited over 7 months before taking Elijah. He was fine. Hugs to you all:)