earrings and parasites

One thing we have learned about Jaydn is that she lights up when she feels pretty. So if you put a bow in her hair or sparkly shoes on her, something in her eyes says, "Im special." That is one of the reasons we decided to get her ears pierced last weekend. Another few reasons is because in Ugandan tradition you pierce a girls ears to protect her from evil/witchcraft, and lastly we did it b/c we got sick of everyone calling her a 'him' no matter whether she was in a dress or not. Nathan has been wanting to get the girls' ears pierced for a long time (Jovie since she was born) but I kept going back and forth about whether we should allow them the choice. Jaydn was a unique situation so in effort to help her feel beautiful, we had it done. She LOVES them!

Another adventure we have been on lately is medical. Having her in the U.S. means a lot of catch up to do. When a child is born here they have blood tests, hearing tests, eye sight checks, and vaccinations done. Well Jaydn is required to catch up on all of that to be a U.S. citizen. So last week we went to the Dr. and they drew blood, took a stool sample, gave the non 'live' virus vaccinations and scheduled sight and hearing screenings. Just the other day we got the results on her poop test and learned that she has 6 parasites she is carrying around. Some are not treatable and we will just have to hope they will pass through her system and the others we have medicine to begin treatment for. I have heard that it could go away quickly or take a long time to clean out-we have to wait and see b/c its different for everyone.

These parasites were born and bred in her just b/c of the conditions she was exposed to as a child. It makes me think of how there are so many treatable and preventable diseases people are walking around with but they just don't have the options and resources available to fight them. Plus clean water would go a LONG way to help the diseases not to develop in the first place. More than 40% of people in the greater Kampala, Uganda area live in unplanned settlements. Of those residents, only 17% have access to piped water. Many people use springs and other surface sources that are highly contaminated due to poor drainage and little regulation of waste disposal. Consider helping other children and families not be exposed to the same junk or worse by supporting organizations such as:

World Vision Water Projects


Becky Ryder said...

Yay for earrings! Boo for bugs:( I love earrings on little girls!

The Raudenbush Family said...

We fought giardia and a CDiff infection -- ick. Hope the meds work quickly for you!

Natasha said...

Hope the yucky bugs leave her soon. We have no requirements here to have the same Medicaid only vaccinations but after reading your update I think we'll do a poop sample to the docs too

Amanda said...

I will praying those bugs go away quickly! You're right, goodness, we take a lot for granted.

I'm so happy to hear the earrings are going well. Ah, I am so tempted to get Maryn earrings but at this point I know she'd hate it. She won't even let me put bows in her hair. :) Maybe if we have another girl we'll do it ASAP. It's so funny how some little girls can be so girly at an early age, isn't it?

So did Jovie have her ears done too, or did she have them done already? I bet they look so cute. :)