Counting the cost

The #1 thing I hear from people in response to our adoption is: "Isn't it really expensive?" I want to step up on a soapbox every time and remind them that God owns the cattle on a thousand hills and what He promises He provides and all that Truth! But lately I have started to see that common question in a whole new way. Truth is, adoption is very expensive. It costs a lot more than just dollars and cents though. So if just the money thing scares you, then you probably aren't ready for adoption. Dan Cathy said, "A God inspired dream will never fit in your checkbook or calendar." That is so true. Adoption is a God inspired dream for us. We were not qualified by the size of our savings account, for sure! We weren't qualified by how practical it seemed to add another two year old into our lives a few weeks after moving, changing jobs, leaving family etc etc etc. Adoption can cost a lot more than money. It has cost us our comfort, our "normal", our sense of control, our plans, our understanding, our pride and the list goes on.

I can remember placing all my focus on ways to come up with the money when we started this ride. But honestly, getting donations and applying for grants was the easiest and most joy-filled part of the journey for us. The process of hearing people's hearts and stories and watching them be obedient to the call to give towards our family was humbling and amazing! It wasn't just a few checks from a few rich people that helped us reach the financial end. It was the many drops in the bucket from a faithful group of people all over the world that are passionate about Gods love for orphans, some of which we have never met.

So to answer your question folks: YES! Adoption is VERY expensive. But the trade off is complete reliance on the Holy Spirit to weave together a story so much bigger than you. You just have to decide for yourselves if its worth it.


A. R. Campbell said...

I have a picture of Jadyn on my fridge. Today, another family sent me a pic of a little boy they had adopted. I just praise God that He wanted to include me (in a very small way) to get these precious children into their forever families. I have huge a heart for adoption, but I'm not married, so it's really not an option for me (some people are single parents because they have to be, and they're amazing, but I don't think I could bring a child into a situation where he/she wouldn't have a mommy AND a daddy). I'm just grateful the Lord gives even those of us who aren't able to adopt ways to help others. Thanks so much for your willingness to follow God's amazing plan.

The Raudenbush Family said...

Love it, Bethany. Would love to repost this one on www.wearegraftedin.com if you don't mind. Let me know.