Sometimes I forget that for some of you the only pictures you get of our life is from this blog. Most of the time I don't think anyone is reading our blogs but then in conversation someone will say to me, "Yeah, I remember reading that." I am always shocked that people even tune in to my ramblings.

I have been asked a question though, several times, that I have been meaning to update on. A lot of people have asked if Jaydn is still physically fighting with me - as I blogged about HERE. I have to say happily, NO! She has really tamed her physical responses to us and correction. Now she is more the stubborn "No!" sayer. That I can handle a lot better than the bucking bronco she came to us as. She is still strong and heavy but so far she hasn't been using that against us. Usually I can calm her tantrums pretty quickly and work with her on attempts to communicate with words rather than actions.

Jaydn really is a sponge and has been rolling with the flow of her family since day one. I really feel lucky to have such a resilient yet eager to adapt daughter added to the mix of our craziness. She is exploring her boundaries, for sure, but there doesn't seem to be any signs of fear or doubt that mommy and daddy love her no matter what. What a great foundation to build our new life on eh?

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Jarka said...

thanks for answering that question - I was meaning to ask about that :) I'm so glad that everything's going well, I think about your family a lot and I hope every day will be even better than the previous one :)

take care :)