Another step in the journey

With the holidays behind us we scheduled our first post placement review with our social worker. He arrived during nap time so we worked through some paperwork and questions before he observed her behaviors and interactions with us. It went great and I learned that the department of health has a program available to us to receive a comprehensive developmental assessment and any therapies they deem necessary free! This will help us to know if she is behind on anything that we need to make an effort to correct now so she can assimilate easier in the future (ie school). Also we were given a contact to begin the official adoption side of things. You see in Uganda we were granted legal guardianship but have to complete the full adoption to make her legally our child, and change her name here in the U.S. So we have a meeting with our lawyer tomorrow at 10am. She says it will only take 10 days to process unless we get a certain judge. Apparently there is a judge that likes to make things difficult for interacial adopting families. So our 10 days could turn into a several months and a lot more money. So please pray we don't get that judge or that if we do, God will soften their heart so we can get through as normal.

With every social worker visit and every day we are in process to adopt Jaydn, there is a cost so if you haven't already, or if you would like more, there are a few shirts and bags left for purchase. Just click the link on the right and tell us what you would like to order. Even if we sell all of it, it won't come close to covering our costs but every bit helps. God has been faithful every step of the way- we had $100 left in our adoption fund when we came home from Uganda, talk about cutting it close- so we know that what we need will come in time. We are so excited to stand in a court room and tell our governing body that Jaydn is ours and commit to caring for her physical, spiritual, emotional and mental needs.

In other news, Jaydn has officially moved into her room with Jovie and other than nap times, it has been going well. I think it has helped Jovie's interactions with her too now that its physically obvious that it is THEIR room and not just hers anymore. Nap times we usually have to separate them unless we can get one to fall asleep before putting the other one down. So the pack N play in our room still gets some action but this time by Jovie and only during the afternoon. We LOVE having our room back but I am not a fan of sleeping with the monitor by my ear all night again. I know, Im so hard to please :) All in all, the transition has been smooth other than a lot of two year old tantrums, fighting, whining, hitting and some brotherly instigating. It's just another day in the life of the Gaddis'

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