Looking for normal

Most people assume that because we moved to Little Rock at the end of OCT that we would be pretty adjusted but nothing has been normal since we got here. We moved in, we did Halloween, we left for Africa and were gone for over a month, returned to family and Christmas and more family, then New Years. Today, for me, feels like the first day we moved here. We can figure out what our new "normal" is. We will see how Nathan's schedule, Jaxon's school days, our new budget, our new child and life in Arkansas really works together.

I am glad we made it to this point b/c I need to have cash in my envelope system and a plan in my head so I can give Jaydn some sense of foundation to this new life we are offering her. I just keep thinking over and over again how strange the timing of all this was. Moving-changing schools, jobs, homes, states, leaving family and a major support group, going to Africa. It just makes more sense to have stayed in a place where we had all the basics established before we brought Jaydn home. But God's plans don't always make sense. So here we are. In my opinion, the adjustments are about to begin.

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