First Snow

Funny that I'm posting this about Jaydn when in all actuality it was the first snow for all of our kids. We got word that snow was coming but after living in so many places, I seem to never take weather reports very seriously b/c they are typically wrong. But Sunday as we scampered into church, freezing our tailgates off I had a feeling this prediction was about to come true. So by afternoon, around 2pm,when I saw the white falling from the sky, I got gitty. I ran into Jaxon's room and made him come outside with me since the girls were napping. We played and took pictures until the girls opened their eyes and joined us. We bundled up the kiddos and off they went to explore this winter wonderland. Jaydn loved seeing it fall but was not too thrilled about how painful it was to not have gloves on. She kept fighting with me about having them on but I think after learning the hard way how necessary they were, she stopped entering into that battle. She wasn't as active as Jaxon and I were (snowball fights/snowman building etc) but she liked laying on it while Jovie kept eating it. About every 10 minutes she wanted to go in, take everything off, then come back out 10 minutes later. It was so annoying. So finally I made her choose and she decided to stay in and jump on the mini trampoline they got for Christmas and watch through the windows while the rest of us played until bed time.We enjoyed hot chocolate, which she downed within seconds while Jax and Jo kept asking for ice cubes to be added to cool theirs off. The next day was another snow adventure with no school for brother and no work for daddy b/c of the roads being icy. So while she was physically present with us and all of our snow shananigans, she kind of did her own thing. Mainly consisting of laying on the plastic pool covered in snow. But over all it was fun and a new experience for all!

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