To paint a rainbow...

The rainbow is a symbolic reminder of God's promises. It is something we can look at and instantly be overcome with the calm sense that He is, and always will be, on THE throne! Ive always felt that this adoption journey had so little to do with Nathan and I & so much to do with God telling a bigger story, HIS story. So as I sit and reflect on the comments and responses we have been getting on our blog and FB pages over the past few weeks, I realized that God is painting a rainbow for some of you (us). Through this journey of highs and lows, God is showing Himself faithful. He is indeed a promise keeper. What He says, will come to pass! This journey is just another confirmation to all of us who are willing to see it and be called into remembrance. I hope this daily inner monologue I have typed out in blog form is pointing you upwards. To the things unseen. To the God who was, and is, and is to come. May this journey we are on be a rainbow over your own circumstances and may the calm reminder that He is sovereign, soothe your soul.

To see more photos of the art at the orphanage visit Painting Funky Rainbows

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funkyrainbow said...

hey glad to see you have used my artwork on your blog!! My sister Keren just sent me the link to your blog (she lives in Kampala).I visted a childrens home there this Feb where I did al load of artwork on the walls. I guess you must have visted AOD in order to have seen my rainbow pic. Just wondering if you could add a link on your blog to point people in the direction of my flickr account? Lots more pics of the art project http://flickr.com/paintingfunkyrainbows/
Many thanks Anna Ozemoya