Tell the story

Our last day in Uganda was grey and cold. It was so chilly I wore a jacket and jeans! We enjoyed our last Cafe Java run and exchanged our money back to dollars. We had enough money exchanged to last us about 2 more days on our budget-talk about cutting it close. We didn't walk to/from the mall area today b/c of the rain and when it mixes with the red dirt of Uganda it gets really muddy and messy to walk in. We came back to the apartment and our house keeper said something to Jaydn and all of a sudden she ran to Nathan crying and screaming. When I asked what she had said, she explained she had told Jaydn she was "going in the air." Im not sure how she said it or what it mean't to Jaydn but it freaked her out. We just hung out until Dorah, Claire and Jolie from Action For Children came and took us to lunch at Caribou (the Ugandan food we liked many weeks ago). Jaydn became very introverted around such a crowd and wouldn't even eat. Then they dropped us off at the Embassy and we picked up our Visa. The women "came out from behind the glass" to say goodbye to us which mean't so much and we made sure they knew how grateful we were for all of their hard work. They asked that I send a picture of our family when we are all together. It warmed my heart to imagine all of my kids in one photo for the very first time! SO EXCITED TO TAKE THAT ONE! We came back to the apartment and Jaydn and I napped. Then we showered, packed up a few loose things and here we are. Our ride picks us up in 30 min and its about an hour drive to the airport. Not sure how long check in will take but our flight is set to leave at 12:40am. Our first stop is London, then Dallas, where we will go through Immigration, and then Little Rock, AR! Here we come!

Im not naive enough to think that all of you who have been with us since we walked on Ugandan soil are going to be with us when we arrive home in Little Rock, Arkansas. It seems almost like a goodbye of sorts. But for the readers that think our journey to Jaydn is over, you are mistaken. So many changes are ahead as our family becomes whole. We are now the proud parents of 3 kids- as they say we have gone from man on man to zone defense. Two of our children are in their terrible two's and girls no less so that is a guaranteed box of fireworks. Jaxon is now a big brother to two sisters. Jovie is no longer the baby in the house and will have to share her room. Jaydn is no longer an only child. We will be a family. With that step comes many hurdles. Its like when my mom married my step dad, instantly I had a new brother and sister. There is no transition here like a baby coming home from the hospital allows- its cold turkey! Its a different phase of the adoption process though. These will not be the adventures that readers will cling to. These will be the adventures of fusing our lives together in an environment that is new to most of us- we just moved to LR a few weeks before coming to Africa. Jaxon and Jovie are more settled there than we are-so adjustments all around. So the journey is not over in the slightest its only just begun...

I want to leave you with some words Nathan put as his Facebook status the other day. It explains well what our greatest desire is and why we blog everyday and keep as many people informed as possible along the way. This is our prayer:

I do have a request for all who have followed this journey: TELL OUR STORY. Don't tell it for us. Don't tell it because you think what we are doing is a great thing. Don't tell our story just because it inspired you. Tell our story because it is a story only God could have written. And in every good story, the author always gets the credit. Tell the story to give Him glory...to give Him honor...to give others hope.


Cindy Elser said...

We will be looking forward to more stories from Gaddis family when you return to Little Rock.

God has used your family in a mighty and powerful way during this journey and I know I have received many blessings in both hearing and telling your story.

God is truly the author in this case!

Natasha said...

You have a whole following of people from Wales who will be telling your story as they cpntinue to follow your journey. I hope to follow for as long as you post! Wishing you a wonderful flight home and make sure you skype soon! Can't wait to see you and you're 3 J's all together xxx

Erin said...

Praying for the rest of the journey --- now it REALLY begins! I know GOd is going to do huge things through your family - and I know you all will step up to the challenge. WIsh we could have a Starbucks date with Hopie, Jo, AND Jadyn! Maybe one day! Love to you all!