Suffering followed by glory

I love the way God uses His Word to speak to us if we listen. I have been doing a devotion series every day for over a year and a half and it continues to shock me how often the passages intersect with my current situation. For example, yesterday the Scripture was 1 Peter 1:1-8. In summary it explains how it is "in the fires" that our faith and character are tried and come out improved. Then tonight I read 1 Peter 1:9-16 that explains how suffering is followed by glory. Also, it shared how "hope," in Old English, means "calm assurance."
A calm assurance would be the perfect description of what we had today. We felt it more than any other day. Something was going to happen. During the late hours of the day we encouraged our fading assurance with some of our favorite worship songs via Itunes (IE Forever Reign, Tis So Sweet to Trust, etc.) By 3:30pm we had heard that the judge was in court all day and now he was taking a lunch break. He told his secretary that when he got back he would "look" at the files on his desk (1 of which being ours). So it was then we began praying loudly and often that God would do something miraculous. We prayed 1. that the judge would actually return to the office and not just go home for the day and 2. That he would pick up our paperwork first and sign it before he left work. As we sat at dinner we received a call from Dorah (at 5:45pm)informing us that the judge had in fact SIGNED THE RULING!!! We screamed and cheered so loudly everyone at the place was looking at us like we were insane! I started crying and Jaydn kept repeating, "Yay!" and putting her hand out for a Hi-5. We texted who we could and ate quickly so we could get online and spread the news! A huge weight was lifted from our shoulders today and we are so thankful to God for this news.Because we didn't get the ruling signed until after office hours, we were not able to go to the American Embassy tonight. So first thing tomorrow, that is where we are headed! God has another opportunity to show off once we get there too. We are praying that we will be able to get an appointment on Wednesday (the only day this week they are doing Visa appts) so that at the latest we will be able to leave by Friday night. If God grants us an appointment Wednesday then He could also choose to really show off and get our Visa completed and returned to us by Thursday evening so we could catch our flight at 12:40am Friday morning. It would be awesome not to have to change our flights again, not knowing if British Airways will charge us this time around or not. So miracles are still needed here!

The goal: Get home this weekend. It is definitely possible if God so chooses.

So prayer #1 is: We are able to get a Visa appointment for Wednesday
Prayer #2: We get our Visa processed and awarded by Thursday evening so we don't have to change our flights
Prayer #3 (only applies if #2) doesn't happen: We wont have to pay for another flight change and that there will be availability on a flight out Sat morning.

When we got back to the apartment tonight we celebrated with the hymn Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow and Paul Baloche's song Shaken:

Everything that can be will be shaken
Everything that can be will be shaken
And only You remain
Only You remain

No suffering for the moment
Is pleasant but it brings forth
The peaceful fruit of righteousness
Jesus my righteousness


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Porntip Israsena said...

I'm so thankful and encouraged that you guys are sharing this experience with us.

I'll definitely be praying!

Jennifer Garrison said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Anonymous said...

Praise be to our Father! I am so happy for you guys and will continue to pray for you guys. Thank you for being so open and real through this journey, that's one thing we love about you guys! God is getting the glory.

Love misty

Natasha said...

So happy for you guys! Hang on in there! God knows you're on the home run now! He has it all sorted! Knew you wouldn't be long behind us! Woohoo!
Here's praying for your #1 & #2 and I'm gonna be the optimist and leave out #3 as it won't be needed. Thank you Jesus!