Moved into action

The following post is a letter we received a few days ago from a person who joined us on our journey to Jaydn. This is the kind of thing we were talking about when we said, this journey isn't ours alone to take. She didn't just read our blog posts and say "oh thats nice," and move on with her day. She saw the challenge and has taken action! Read about what one LOVE RUNS DEEPER THAN BLOOD follower has done in response to God's leading in her heart:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for sharing your very personal journey with all of us on Facebook (and your blog). It occurred to me that lots of people I know have adopted and walked the journey you all walked and are still walking, but the onset of social media really gave you an opportunity to "let us in" on it. I was captivated, truly. Each morning I couldn't wait to get up and see what happened with your family while I was sleeping. I told people about it. I showed your pictures to people who didn't know you. I ached for you when you were desperate to get home to Jaxon and Jovie. I even subscribed to your feed via text messaging so those last few days, when you were waiting on the judge to sign your final ruling, I could find out immediately (because your afternoon was my morning at work). Your new baby is absolutely beautiful, and I look so forward to following your family's journey now that you are back home and "together", just as you should be.

I loved reading about your visit to your Compassion child, Esther. I'm sort of ashamed to admit that sponsoring a child had never occurred to me in my adult life. Kevin and I have been married 14.5 years, and we'd never even thought about it, much less discussed it. The picture you posted, of Jovie's picture in Esther's home, halfway around the world, moved me so much. And Bethany's blog about it was just so amazing. When she said she'd never be the same after meeting Esther, I knew without a doubt how true that was. I remembered then that my grandparents used to always sponsor a child. When I was a little girl I remember my grandmother showing me the pictures of "their girl" and letting me read the letters she sent them. Both of my grandparents are gone now (my grandmother died this July), and I decided then to look into sponsoring a child. I went to
the Compassion website and began looking around. It was so overwhelming to me, because I wanted to help ALL of those kids whose pictures I saw. Finally, I decided to wait a few days, pray about it, and ask God to show me the child He wanted us to sponsor. Part of me was drawn to Peru, because we have a missionary from our church in Lima, Peru. But in a dream a few nights later, God told me that since it was your journey that had "lit the fire" in me to sponsor, I should sponsor a Ugandan child. For several days I looked through the pictures, still wanting to sponsor all of them. I looked at boys the same age as mine (12, 7, and 4). But something kept drawing me to the little girls (probably because I don't have any myself). I looked specifically for girls who'd been waiting longer than 6 months for a sponsor. Then a little girl in a blue dress appeared on my screen. She'd been waiting longer than 6 months. And her name was Esther. I knew she was the one. My grandparents had such a wonderful experience sponsoring a child (probably more than 1, but 1 that I remember), and I can't wait to see how the Lord will bless her, and us, through Compassion.

Just wanted you guys to know. Your journey has been FAR reaching and touched so many. I'm sure I'm only one of many who've been moved by your story. Thanks for that.

What is God challenging you to do? What action steps have you taken to obey the pressing He has on your heart? Don't ignore it, DO SOMETHING!

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