Making the most of it

Our original plans for the day were canceled by 9am so I just made it up as I went along. We went to our coffee shop, Cafe Java, for criossants and coffee and had a surprise visit from our social worker Dorah. She brought us the half of the ruling we got from the judge yesterday, along with Jaydn's passport and relinquishment letter from the orphanage. We talked her ear off about how frustrating this "lack of standard procedure" method this government has, is for western thinkers. What she calls patience, we consider passivity. Its just different. We assured her we trusted her work effort, just not the other people that are in our process b/c things aren't happening the way they could be. She explained that during this time of year, many workers are preparing things for next year and finishing up their 2010 files. So we are not as much of a priority as their daily work is-surprise surprise. So we are still waiting for the rest of the ruling to be typed up and signed so we can apply for a Visa appointment. We are PRAYING HARD that we will be able to get one on Monday or Wednesday so we can be home by the weekend. If we don't, its another week and a half of waiting. While we are talking about prayers and Visas- please throw up a prayer for my friend Natasha from the UK. Its possible that her Visa will be available tomorrow so please pray that it is there and she and Deborah can go home finally. She has already been here over 5 weeks so I really do hope they get that gift tomorrow. Although we will miss them like crazy, I want the best for them and that means HOME!!! Thanks ahead of time for sharing your prayers on their behalf. Talk about segways...while we were at Cafe Java with Dorah, Natasha and Deborah came to meet us and they walked back to our apartment for a day of hanging out. With the rain we couldn't try out the playground we had planned so stopped at a bookstore and got some paints and paper and let the girls be artistic. We played Play-Doh, painted pictures, ate snacks while Wall-E played in the background. Once the rain cleared we headed outside for bubbles and chalk. The bubbles didn't blow well at all so it turned into chalk games more than anything (IE hopscotch and tic tac toe). Jaydn caused us to keep a tight eye on her since she was really trying to get into the pool, clothes on and all. Guess getting her over her fear of water is coming back to bite us a bit. Then we called a taxi and headed to the mall for dinner. It was pasta and pizza night for our little crew. With a quick stop to grab water from the grocery store, we headed back. The day seemed to drift which I am thankful for b/c we have so many days left here. Like I said before, Nathan and I are REALLY REALLY HOPEFUL that we will get the rest of the ruling either tomorrow or Friday so we can at least get a Visa appointment scheduled! We will have to change our airplane tickets by the 3rd and we pray we will know when our appointment is so we can guess as close to reality as possible. Otherwise we will have to change/pay for them more than once and that is not preferable. Plus with Christmas coming, flight prices are on the rise. So a lot of variables and a lot of factors to consider and pray for.
I want to leave you with this devotional my mom sent me via email today. It articulates our heart about this process really well:

How do we wait for God? We wait with patience. But patience does not mean passivity. Waiting patiently is not like waiting for the bus to come, the rain to stop, or the sun to rise. It is an active waiting in which we live the present moment to the full in order to find there the signs of the One we are waiting for.

The word patience comes from the Latin verb patior which means "to suffer." Waiting patiently is suffering through the present moment, tasting it to the full, and letting the seeds that are sown in the ground on which we stand grow into strong plants. Waiting patiently always means paying attention to what is happening right before our eyes and seeing there the first rays of God's glorious coming.


Michelle Uhri said...

Praying for you guys Bethany!

Can you tell me where your Mom got that devotional? I'd like to post some of that to FB and want to give the proper credit.

So excited for the day you board your plane home with Jaydn!!

Lyndsay Taylor said...

Faith is such hard work. You guys are AWESOME!!! Praying daily, many times a day, for you!