A light at the end of the tunnel

We got up early and headed to our coffee and croissant spot-Cafe Javas. I realize we go there pretty much everyday and now the waiters know us, but its the most "American" feeling place we can find. It brings more familiarity and comfort than our apartment can at times. So we go there often. Dorah picked us up there around 9:45am and after we made copies of all our official paperwork we drove to the Embassy. We didn't wait long before we were called to the window and asking to schedule our Visa appointment. Apparently they don't schedule appointments on Tuesdays, wish I would have known that, but graciously the woman said she would take our paperwork anyway and see what she could do. By evening we received an email saying that our Visa appointment is scheduled for December 15th at 3pm. That is one week from tomorrow, and not tomorrow like we had hoped. But as I sat with the idea that we would be here another week and a half, I was ok. I cannot speak for Nathan on this issue but I feel like at least there is an end in sight. At the LATEST we will be home next weekend.

Now with that said, I must assure you that I am not going to just sit back and see this Visa appointment as our only hope of going home. Nathan and I have come up with a few ways we can try for an earlier appointment. We will attempt some of those ideas tomorrow and see if God wants to grant us some more miracles while we are here. So keep praying- we are not out of the woods just yet!

It was hard to break the news to my parents over Skype though since they are flying back to FL this weekend and its unclear when I will get to see them again. They made every effort to be there for Jaydn's journey home and b/c we moved from Naples to Little Rock right before we left for Africa, we no longer live close enough to have been able to guarantee that. Nathan's mom will be taking their spot until we get home so continue to pray for stamina and patience for our families as they care for our kids- even though some of you seem to think they are angels, we all know better.

I can't help but feel sentimental about not being home to decorate our new house for Christmas and getting the kids in the holiday spirit with our usual seasonal activities. It seems weird to put our tree up a few days before Christmas and then take it down less than a week later so don't be surprised if our house is still decorated in February...we have lost time to make up for. In the amount of time that we have been gone Jaxon has had 2 school programs and one friend's bday party while Jovie has fallen in love with her new Tinkerbell lunch box and is a Skyping pro since we make her do it almost everyday. Jaydn continues to amaze me with the way she has taken to us and seems content with her new life- although this is merely a glimpse of what is to come. We really wish she would pick up her feet though b/c she trips and falls ALL THE TIME and we walk a lot here so its a constant struggle. I long for the days of pulling out the double stroller again!

So in honor of what we feel like we are missing back home I decided to post these words- painted on our Compassion Child Esther's home/hut wall.


Cindy E said...

I will be praying for a miracle! After all, this IS the season for MIRACLES!

DKU said...

I think there are miracles in the air. I am so very proud of you this day.. rolling with what is handed to you but not taking it lying down. I would like to see how it goes tomorrow. Will you sit in the lobby all day long being patient? Will you bring the secretaries coffee and chocolate (is that a bribe?). Will you bring pictures of Jax and Jov so they know you are parents just wanting to get home? Will you cry tears of sorrow as you wait? Whatever works.. we know HE is making things happen. Tomorrow or next week - you will be going home. Love you both..oops ... ALL of you!