Life with 3

When I was in Africa I had more down time than I knew what to do with and now life is loud, busy and crowded. I thought Jaxon and Jaydn would have the most issues between them but it seems Jovie is going to be the culprit. Jo, was when we left and still is, a terrible two "princess" kind of girl. She throws tantrums and is bossy most of the time. So for her, this Jaydn "thing" is kind of in her way, if you will. However Jaxon has taken to her amazingly well. He likes having someone to wrestle with that doesn't talk back and whine all the time (yet). Jaydn is working on becoming familiar to her surroundings and life with toys. She still has moments where Bailey (our dog) scares her and then others when she is chasing him in the backyard. Its a mood thing. Most of the time Jaydn is doing well but there are some set backs here and there (IE sleeping, eating, receiving correction etc). Today I went into the attic and pulled out the 4 year old clothes we had since the 3 year old stuff I stocked the closet with just wasn't going to cut it. I need to go shopping for her tomorrow to get her a winter coat, some jeans and long sleeved shirts since it is SOOOOO cold here its painful (said the blood-thinned, former FL girl). I have been blessed to have my mom here since she decided to stay until Wednesday to help me transition into life with 3 kids instead of leaving Sunday with my stepdad. She always knows exactly what I need! Nathan is neck deep in Christmas service planning and rehearsals and basically just hit the ground running as soon as he found out we were coming home. This is always a busy time of year for pastors and when you come into it all late, it feels even more overwhelming. I managed to go to the grocery store, wash and fold laundry today AND cook dinner tonight! These days I will count that a blessing b/c I haven't done any of that in over a month and I have missed home cooked food like crazy! Plus Im a pretty healthy eater and I like to know what is in what Im eating and giving to my family. Tonight's treat was veggie chili with Hawaiian rolls- it was yummy! It feels good to be home.

When I look ahead toward what life will be like from now on I pretty much picture myself as becoming a hermit until I can balance being a mommy of 3. Its horrible timing too since we just moved to Little Rock and I don't really know anyone yet. The "newness" of us being here will fade soon and I haven't even really been here long enough to meet all the people I would like to reach out to. But I trust God will find a way to intersect me with some adult interaction and conversations from time to time.

I have to share with you a funny story about what Jaxon asked Nathan the other night. They were walking through the living room and Jaxon questioned, "If we have another brother or sister come, where are they going to sleep?" I had to laugh b/c Jax and I have been plotting for months to add another boy to our family after Jaydn got home and he was already thinking about where we put the "next one" just days after we got home. I love that kid. Truth is though, I have to figure out this stage first before I can think beyond it. Plus God has it all worked out already anyway.

PS Jaydn is not angry in the above picture. She is yelling the Ugandan equivalent of "cheese" which is "Matoke." I just thought it was classic!

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