If our God is for us

Its hard to know what to post on days like today. We went to church at Watoto and ate at Mwenzo for brunch (again). I wish I could help you feel what a roller coaster this process is. Yesterday we were taking the day as it came and today we are looking past these 24 hours hoping that this will be our last Sunday here. With every week we make the statement "We are going home this week!" People around us used to say "Yes! Thats the kind of faith we want to see!" Now they just look at us pathetically and give a fake smile in response. Needless to say it deflates us pretty quickly. Jaydn and I took a nap- which I mainly do to waste the day. That sounds so depressing but its true. We stayed in and had leftovers for dinner and just hung out. We managed to get E! on the TV tonight so we are basically going to just lose ourselves in the lives of celebrities. We even made a run to the gas station for snacks- ice cream, chocolate, sodas, cookies and Pringles. Its gonna be a big night :)

As always, Nathan and I will be praying and breathing our way through the day tomorrow. We will be keeping our ears peeled for the phone to ring and ready at a moments notice to jump in a special hire car and head to the US Embassy in effort to get an appointment this week. Please pray specifically for these things. Obviously as we cross the 4 weeks away from home mark tomorrow we are anxious to see some movement since its been so full of nothing for about 3 weeks of our stay.

So right now we will just cling to the truth found in the lyrics we sang during worship today:

"If our God is for us,
Then who could ever stop us?
And if our God is with us,
Then what could stand against?"


Jennifer Garrison said...

Yes! You are going home this week! I am praying that Monday is the day!! This will be the week! May God move swiftly on Monday morning!!

DKU said...

Praying that your time away from home comes to an end this week. Will keep your family on my my heart tomorrow as you wait for that phone to ring, we wait, too. May our Father hold you near. And if Nathan has to go and sit in front of a judge to get him to sign the paper.... may it bring glory to the Father. Let this be the Gaddis week!