I want my room back

That is what Nathan said to me the other day. "I want my room back!" It sounds like a tantruming toddlers phrase but I knew exactly what he meant and I agreed. I want our room back too! For the past few months we have been sharing a room/bed with Jaydn. Nathan and I were never the co-sleeping types. When Jaxon and Jovie were born we took turns with who slept in their room for the late night feedings until they slept through the night. They have always been in their beds from the beginning. Now this is not a debate about the positive effects of co-sleeping so please don't leave me comments about how heartless we are as parents. Anyway, since November we have been sharing our bedroom space with a two year old. I tend to see our room as the only place sacred for Nathan and I to be alone so when that changes, where do we go for an escape?! But so far it seems like for one reason or another, Jaydn needs to still be in our room. At first it was the only option in Uganda and it helped the attachment process. When we got home, it was used to get through the jetlag and get her familiar with her surroundings. Now its because she has been coughing randomly during the night and b/c this girl doesn't do anything quietly, it wakes everyone around her up so we are sparing Jovie the sleepless nights. There have been times where Nathan or I will sleep in his closet just to get a few hours of rest without coughing waking us up. We are tired and we want our room back. Call us toddlers if you must but we are on a mission to get this girl out of our room so we can get some sleep and solitude.


dfan4 said...

I agree you guys need your room back. It's healthy for the kids and you guys to be alone. I feel that way too! You should try making her sleep at her room. It would be hard at first but she will get tired. Try putting her down first before Jovie and if she refused don't give in take her back to her room. Don't get tired she will eventually get the point. I'll be praying for you guys. It must be hard.

Becky Ryder said...

I never had to deal with this BUT you are great parents:) I'll be praying for you on this transition. Remember...a couple of months from now, there will be a difference!!