Contemplating over coffee

Today was filled with the aroma of coffee. Nathan and I have always been coffee house type people b/c we love deep conversation and contemplative time together and separately. We love comfy couches and cool art on the walls- all that stuff. No wonder so many people have given us Starbucks gift cards as presents before! Today we met our friend, and fellow member of the Watoto international build team back in 2006, Jo, at a place called 1000 cups. We had heard about this place from several sources so we were anxious to try it out. It was really cool! It had the hippie ambiance that I always LOVE, being a little granola myself. It had a great porch area and antique tea cups lining the walls in tribute to the shop name. We enjoyed our lattes and a doughnut (minus the glaze) while Jaydn slurped up her banana smoothie. We walked across the street to a craft market area and attempted to shop with a two year old pulling us every which way and grabbing any hand she could get a hold of. In public areas we have to keep a tight reign on her b/c I have no doubt she would walk off with a complete stranger and not bat an eyelash. Regardless we managed to get a few items and did a little bartering as well. We picked Jaydn up some beaded/leather flip flops since that is what she is used to and she keeps wearing my rubber ones around the apartment. You should have seen her face when we put them on, it was obvious she felt like a princess! I think she even started walking differently. We realized we were out of money and needed to pay for a ride back so even though I wasn't done wandering, we had to go. Plus it was BLAZING hot and Nathan was wearing a black shirt and jeans. We have found that we didn't pack enough shorts for our trip. We were told that men don't wear shorts here (which is true) and that women only wear skirts (not so true.) We have been made fun of many times for dressing so impractically in the heat and when I explain what we were told to bring they informed me that the women here have come into the 21st century too. I had to laugh when a Ugandan women said to me, "You Americans and all your skirts." I mean, hello.....if you know me you know I don't ever wear skirts in real life. I hate them and dresses. So for someone here to think that me in a skirt is normal is hilarious. Anyway, we managed to talk the driver down into our budget and we got a ride back to our side of town. When we got home Jaydn was sleepy and Nathan has figured out that if you shake her (as if she were in a car) she falls asleep faster. I turned on the TV and magically we had E! Entertainment channel again. Apparently its like a switchboard that they change what channels the apartments in the complex get. We have to request a station if we want to see something specific. So I got roped into the "Keeping Up with the Kardashian's" marathon for a few hours. Nathan thinks is funny b/c I detest shows like these at home but here, it helps me zone out. I didn't even know who the Kardashian's were before I came to Africa and now I'm all invested in their dramatic lives-crazy. As I was watching though, I guess another tenant requested a soccer, here its called futbol, game so mid show I watched it switch over. I guess I will never know if Khloe decided to do the "Id rather be naked than wear fur" photo shoot for PETA or not. How will I go on!? Ha Ha Ha! Just kidding. Jaydn woke up around 4 and we played. She is such an incredible little girl. Every night I put my hand on her before I go to sleep (since she is right next to our bed) and just thank God for the honor and responsibility of being her mommy. I believe all my kids are on loan to me so I pray that God will give me the strength, wisdom and patience it requires to know them individually and intentionally so I can encourage them in the ways of the Lord. As I look at her little face I can't help but feel gratitude for the special call on my life to be a mom. Its SOOOOO hard and SOOOOO uncomfortable for me but that's a perfect place to be if I want to learn dependence on the Holy Spirit! We made the walk to the mall and ate dinner, grabbed a few groceries and picked up some de-worming meds for Jaydn at the pharmacy. They suggested we de-worm her at some point while we were here and we just remembered today :) Then we stopped at our home away from home, Cafe Java, for a chai and an African coffee while Jaydn enjoyed a strawberry milkshake. Its funny how weekends seem easier to get through b/c we know nothing will happen adoption wise so we aren't emotionally waiting for the phone to ring and holding out hope for some good news all day. We are able just to relax and go with the flow without any expectations for the day. Its nice. We talked through all the scenarios of what may happen this next week and what we will do if we get the ruling Monday and how it will change if we don't and when we should change our flights if we need to etc. Like I said, we have stepped out in faith and planned our flight out for this next weekend b/c we are hopeful that will happen!! We talked to our social worker and finally she agreed that if we don't get our ruling on Monday, Nathan can go into the judges office with the lawyer and request it be completed or sit around waiting for it until it is! A peaceful "sit in" if you will. I hope it doesn't get to that point b/c we really don't want to appear pushy but this has become ridiculous and we need to go home. So we have a game plan just in case. No problems getting Jaydn to bed tonight, she just climbed in and I prayed with her and kissed her and she eventually fell asleep without a whimper. I love watching her discover this world and grow in her sense of security with us. The smile on her face just hints of the story that is about to come alive in her. With all my kids I look forward to seeing who they become, what they are passionate about and how they live their story out. I can just imagine the day, a few decades down the road, as Nathan and I sit in the comfy couches of a vintage coffee shop, sipping our cups and contemplating the joy of being the parents of these wonderful people.

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