1st Christmas

I have no idea if they celebrated Christmas at the orphanage Jaydn comes to us from. But yesterday marked Jaydn's first Christmas (with us). She met her Nana and Pop (Nathan's parents from KY) and her uncle John and Aunt Becky and their 3 boys Drew, Grayson and Roe (Nathan's brother and family from TX). She loved having so many adult laps to sit in but rarely interacted with the other kids as they buzzed around the house. She never meets a stranger, as we have already talked about in previous posts, but that is something I am trying to train her away from. Family is different I think though. I have more freedom to let Jaydn get to know the people that will be in her life forever. I can teach her to love them differently than someone she sees in church or in the mall. So my lap got a little break over a few day period as I was able to share the attention amongst all the new faces of family. I have been pretty sick the last few days too so it was a good thing I had the extra hands when I needed to rest too. Christmas day we greeted her with extra kisses and hugs and wished her a MERRY CHRISTMAS! When the rest of the family arrived we attempted pictures but with 6 kids its tough to make sure all are looking in the right direction. I would love to share some Christmas pictures with you but my flash broke on Christmas Eve so I don't have any. (The one above is from my sis in law). She sat on my lap as Nathan read the Christmas story from the Bible and emphasized to the group that the real meaning of Christmas is to celebrate the gift of Jesus, born to us this day. I helped her open her stocking and put on all the bracelets and headbands etc that were inside. Then it was gift time. Because we rotated who's turn it was to open something, she would walk off and get distracted by something and we would reign her in to break into the next one with her name on it. She got a few baby dolls, some Princess Tiana stuff, tights/socks/sweats, etc. She wasn't as impatient as the other kids and was content wandering around as we each opened presents. Then came lunch time. She LOVES sweet potatoes. She also ate a ton of ham. We are still having trouble getting her to eat vegetables but I won't give up! You should have seen her with the sweet potatoes though- she was licking the plate and when we would offer her more she would beam with delight. Then it was nap time and she crashed (as did I). We got up a few hours later and enjoyed more family time and some leftovers as we ended the day. Nathan and I bought the kids a mini trampoline with a handle and she loves jumping on that and is learning how to "take turns" with it too. Nathan mentioned to me that she doesn't push and pull as much as she used to when she gets upset. We can usually calm her pretty quickly. But the kids' reaction when she would cry/yell was priceless. They would all cover their ears in pain and have confused looks on their faces. She still hides her eyes from correction but we are getting closer everyday. All in all, a great day for Jaydn.

At one point in the day someone had wrapped a ribbon around Jaydn's waist and she looked like a present running around. It was a beautiful picture of how she truly is the greatest gift I was given this year. I am so thankful she is with us. I even heard my brother in law say over and over to her, "Im so glad you are in our family." Despite the struggle the adoption has been and the struggle attachment and developing family security will be, we are blessed to all be together. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!


Amanda said...

That is so sweet! Have you posted any videos of the three kids lately? I'd love that. I'm so glad you had a happy Christmas and hope you are feeling better. We miss you and continue to pray for you almost every day :)

Tasha Via said...

What a special day to spend together. We are hoping to have our precious one by next Christmas:) I can't imagine the emotions that day will be filled with!