What we are praying for

I am bold in putting this out there but its worth the risk to me! Here is what I need you to be fervently praying for. Is it likely to happen this way? No. Is it possible? Absolutely! So here it is: WHEN (not if) we get our ruling on November 23rd (TUESDAY) we are praying that we can get a Visa appointment on the 24th (Wednesday) and be on a plane Thursday (Thanksgiving). Our second best bet would be to get on a plane Monday (29th) after the US Embassy returns from Thanksgiving break and can give us the Visa. That would put our time in country at 2 weeks and 6 days! Not only would that be a record- it would be SUCH a blessing to us and our kids. So that is what we are going to beg God for. Will you join us?


Anonymous said...

With God all things are possible! My only fear is you're going to be like me. Let me explain, I really got hung up on a date, and when that date didn't look like it was going to be possible I was devistated. Looking back on it the extra week was NOTHING, if anything it was a blessing, it gave us the opportunity to go visit where Esther was found a true hightlight of the trip, we also got to go see the Lugandan king's Tombs. There is no way I'd give that week back for the chance to come home early.
I'm all for praying for specifics, you've given me a date to pray for in my prayers and I WILL do so. keep your heart open to God's superior plan (that at times don't meet our time line) as well. The answer "no" can be the greatest of blessings as well. Don't be like I was and waste time worrying and stressing about specifics. Be better at it than me!

Dawn Marie said...

I am praying that your date comes BEFORE the 23rd... and that your visa follows very quickly after. Just so ya know. ;-)

bcl said...


Bethany Gaddis said...

Erika: Honestly I need to set a goal for myself to hope toward. I came here with the attitude, "if it can go wrong it will" and its proven to only make me unphased by all the glitches. If we don't make this date will I be disappointed? Sure but not devastated. I know that my stay can last 6.5 weeks but I am trying to channel my inner Heather and hope for a better outcome. Like I said, I don't wish this time away, I just don't believe all the waiting is necessary-proven by Heather and Rachels short stay in country. So its my attempt at being hopeful but my faith that God is in control and has a perfect plan does not hinge on how long I am here. That is obvious to me everyday of my life- no matter where its lived out.

Dana Cheryl said...

Gosh, it always makes me a little nervous to comment on someone's blog for the first time. Isn't that just so silly?! :)

I'm not exactly sure if we've met in person but I went to Cville and I'm a member of your Facebook Causes Group. I'm sure one of our mutual friends sent it to me because I am so very passionate about adoption. What a beautiful way for our Heavenly Father to put a family together! It reminds me that His love reaches across the continents and that each of us is deeply cherished by Him.

Despite my natural shyness I just wanted to comment to say that I will join you in prayer for these dates as well as to say that I know miracles happen. I've seen God accomplish miracles recently and being witness to those events has instilled in me an absolute sense of wonder on such a level as I never would have imagined and while those words may sound trite I feel them resonate with His great power & glory & infinite love for each of us.

God bless ya'll!! Safe travels!

Erin said...

We are praying this for you all. We know that your timing is in God's hands. I am so glad you are having a good experience (mostly) in the country... with the people... thus far!

DKU said...

I am glad to pray for the date... but would prefer for it to be earierl. You are so right, our God CAN do anything. It has been an amazing gift to watch His Hand upon you and your family as He has worked this all out for you.

I am also asking that God bless your time together there with a sense of purpose so that for each day you stay you see why, whether it is good time alone with Jaydn, or for your ability to encourage others, or to bless strangers.

At this moment you are touching the lives of many with your story, Jadyn's story, HIS story of how a loving Father cares for His children...

Still praying.


Orval Osborne said...

Dear Bethany,
I wish the best, most expedient experience for you in this amazing journey.
Thanks for sharing it with us all.
love, Orval

Julie said...

Absolutely will pray for this! God is moving mightily!