The waiting begins

Well the day started like any other so far, we ate breakfast and dressed up nice for our court date. Jaydn managed to ride the elevator at the court house today without crying so I was glad to see that. We waited for the judge to arrive in the lobby and when he did we were moved to the official waiting room. We didn't wait long before we were brought into his office. It wasn't like the court rooms we are used to-it was just his office with an extra desk for the lawyer and paralegals to sit at and chairs behind that for us. We sat there quietly as our lawyer Sam told him our case. The judge had some issues with the fact that she (Jaydn) was given a birth date on her birth certificate when there is no way to know for sure if that is the exact day she was born since she was found. Then he got caught up on Nathans job since worship pastors are not common in this country. He apparently was not aware that people got paid to lead singing in a church setting. So Nathan tried to explain it but he still seemed unsure. It just went back and forth between the lawyer and the judge and we just sat there. Priscilla was perfect and the only sound she made was a few coughs. She just sat in my lap and took it all in. After we were dismissed they explained to me that the judge says he will give his ruling in 11 days (NOV 23rd). We are concerned that with Thanksgiving that week, our final step (the Visa) will be delayed since it has to come from the US Embassy and they will be on break for the holiday. But we will see. After our hearing we went straight to the US Embassy and gave them thepaperwork they need to begin their investigation on Priscilla- they need to prove beyond doubt that she has no one looking for her before they can approve her to leave the country. It was interesting b/c Dora could not come with us b/c she is Ugandan. While we were in there, we met/saw a few independent families- that means they are adopting without an agency representing them. They had been in country for a month or more and were still working things out. After we left the Embassy we came home to the apartment for lunch, Priscilla took a bath and then we read books and took a nap. During that time she really started to open up in communication. She started singing something and would sing along with Nathan to ABC's, Jesus loves the little children, and Jesus loves me. She started making noise which to us is comforting. She tried to avoid napping and kept coming out of the room but the third time it happened I laid next to her and after singing to herself for awhile, she fell asleep. She woke up a few hours later and was bubbly again so we are making progress- thank you if you have been praying for our communication and bonding to grow- it is!! We met up with the Byerly's (minusRachel-she was sick) and ate at the Food Court at one of the malls we are near. Nathan and I tried the Mexican place and while very different, it was good. We walked back home, skyped with Jovie, Nana, and Gigi and then attempted bed. Again she kept coming out of the room but we kept putting her back and one of us laid with her-first Nathan then me b/c the going to sleep process took about 2 hours. She wasn't defiant about it, just kept getting up and walking into the living room. There wasn't any sleeping rules at the orphanage so she will have some adjustments there. But all in all we are making progress and that is good!

This becomes the hard part though- the waiting. Nothing happens over the weekend so we have to act like its completely normal to live in an apartment in Africa for a few days with nothing to do and no way to get around (unless we hire a driver but that's a hit or miss situation). We will probably try out the pool tomorrow and see how she likes it. We also plan on getting her passport pictures made so we will be ready with those when the time comes. We are planning to attend Watoto church on Sunday (we went there back in 2006 when we were here). So we are looking forward to that. But other than those small blips in the day, we don't have anythingto do. The waiting is hard b/c its pointless waiting. There is no reason for it. Basically we are just subject to the whims of someone else's mood and motivation to work on things which is a very obnoxious place to sit. Its hard enough not to say we're "home" every time we enter the door. Here we are getting Jaydn adjusted to us but not her family or her home. So every day leaves all of us longing for the next step but we can't move unless someone elsemoves before us. Pray as we wait please. Enjoy your weekend!


A. R. Campbell said...

Definitely praying for you! I pray that when everything works out, you'll look back on these times as precious moments in getting to know your little girl.

Erin said...

We are praying for the process. I can imagine that it can be very frustrating. I am confused though and pardon me if this sounds like a silly question - I guess I don't really understand why the Ugandan judge wouldn't say "yes." Wouldn't he want more than anything from one of their children to be taken out of the orphanage and into a home where they will be cared for and taken care of and have a family? It seems odd to me that they linger this out. I know that's just the way it goes - but I can imagine how, like you said, frustrating it is to just wait on someone else to sign a paper when the mood strikes them. I am so glad we can keep up with you all on here! Lots of love and prayers! Oh, and how is Jax liking school?? Been praying for that!

Mary Beth Bradley said...

Such an awesome story! I will be praying for you guys.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Romans 15:13

Mary Beth Bradley
Knoxville, TN