Unknowns, crying and the power of prayer!

Wow! Im really discouraged. Not because of anything in particular, I think I just came here on "empty" b/c of the move and all the preparation of getting us here so to be thrown into this kind of situation while in this state of being is wearing me out. We thought we were going tohave an appointment with our lawyer, Dorothy, this morning but plans changed. We don't have a phone b/c there are 3 HOLT families in country and that has never happened, they weren't prepared, so they had no way to call us and let us know what was happening. While assuming we needed to get up and underway to meet the lawyer we got up at 8am. I didn't sleep much again 1. Because our bed is like sleeping on plywood and 2. I had a baby sleeping in a bed next to me that could wake up at any moment and freak out or roll onto the floor- who knew. She didn't do any of that but she is quite the motion sleeper-she was upside down by morning (head at feet end etc). We got up, she seemed timid at first, I mean can you imagine waking up and wondering where you are and who these people are again? Its a lot to take in. We ate oatmealand a banana and then colored and read books, waiting for our ride to the lawyer. By 11am we decided to go across the street to one of the other families house and call Dora and find out what the plan was. She said she wasn't able to get an appointment with our lawyer but that we should all get together at 12:30pm to talk through the day (3 families wanting to go in 3 different directions). Were we ok with this? Yes b/c we were hungry and we love being around the other families while we have them :) So we hung out with the Byerlys (so thankful they are here to transition us) and then Dora picked us all up and took us to lunch where we met the other family. In the car ride on the way over we learned that we had been assigned a new lawyer and a new judge. Keep in mind, court is tomorrow. All these unknowns can work against us or for us- time will tell. We were supposed to meet our new lawyer at 3pm so after lunch we headed over.During lunch we saw Jaydn light up at the sight of her friend Joshua (same age and from orphanage)who is being adopted by the other (Heather and) family. It was sweet. I got some pictures.Then off to the new lawyers office where we waited over an hour b/c he wasn't even there yet.Nathan and Jaydn fell asleep while waiting so just Dora and I talked to the lawyer. He mentioned a piece of paperwork that this new judge always looks for so Dora got on the phone and worked her magic to make sure we would be have one by tomorrow morning. As it stands now, we have our court date tomorrow at 10am (Africa time- 9 hours later than CST). So if you are awake PLEASE PRAY FOR US! We have heard of people not being seen on their court dates and being rescheduled and with all the unknowns of this judge and lawyer there is so much that could go wrong. We need things to go right! We want to get Jaydn home as soon as possible. This court hearing starts that process for us. After our meeting we hitched a ride back to the apartment where we relaxed until dinner with the HOLT families again. Heather and Joshua are leaving for home tonight and hold the record for shortest adoption process so far- 3 weeks! The rest have all landed between 5-6.5. Amazing! So we were wishing them well by sharing a meal together! During the walk home, Jaydn feel asleep on my shoulder so we just put her to bed and now here we are. A few other interesting facts about the day: 1. We got to Skype with Jaxon and Jovie today- MAN I MISS THEM!!! 2. Jaydn pee'd on me at the restaurant tonight- we thought we would do like they did with her at the orphanage and let her wear underwear tonight but that backfired. She did poop and pee on the baby potty we have at the apartment though- she is scared of the big ones. 3. Jaydn cried for the first time today. She was so scared in the elevator at the lawyers office and who can blame a girl who has been exposed to so little. The ground leaving beneath you would definitely be a frightening experience. Poor thing. Anyway, all in all we ask that you pray specifically for these things:
1. My attitude to be more hopeful and positive and that I will get some sleep.
2. Our court date would go perfectly tomorrow and we will get a ruling ASAP
3. Jaydn will continue to bond with us and her communication level will grow.

I have to share with you that some major miracles took place during Heather's record 3 week adoption processing and she said there was a group of believers back home praying and fasting for them and their journey- coincidence? I think not. So please join us in prayer- as your lives go on day by day, we are trying to give our daughter a taste of what family will be like away from our other children and away from our home. Thats' hard to do for such an extended period of time. She needs to be home so she can fully grasp all that has been promised. Thank you so much! All your comments and posts are blessing us tremendously. Keep them coming! Love you guys!

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Jennifer said...

Praying that you get some rest and that God would do miraculous things in that court room! We love you guys and appreciate the journey you are on to help one more child know what family is like! You are my heroes!