Tomorrows potential

We preplanned some activities today so that it wouldn't feel so empty. Just sitting around when you are waiting for some news, in this case we were waiting to hear if we would be able to get Jaydn's passport, can be really damper a day. So we knew we would need some distracting. We planned to go to a place called Cafe Java for breakfast just to hang out and eat/drink coffee and get our day started. It was a great place!
Its obvious Jaydn has gotten comfortable with us b/c she wakes up with a smile every morning and instead of trying to get out of the room by herself, she wakes me up and we cuddle before getting up together. As soon as her feet hit the floor though she is causing a ruckus. She was in rare form today too- all over the place. She will run up and grab complete strangers and then when we try to pry her off of their legs she will throw a fit and scream- I'm sure that looks really good to people already questioning why she is with us. Today while we were going through security (something you always have to do to go into the malls) the woman asked if she was our child. We said yes and she responded that she didn't believe us b/c Jaydn resembled her (the security guard) more than us. Nathan just said, "Maybe, but she is still our daughter." We tried to waste time roaming the mall but with Jaydn grabbing every leg in sight, I felt it best we head back to the apartment. We stopped at the grocery store to grab some milk, passion juice and a shower poof and headed back. We played at the apartment, talked to Dorah and still there wasn't any news on the passport yet. We made Mac and Cheese for lunch but Jaydn wasn't liking it- which is ok by me. We attempted a nap and it took awhile for her to settle but finally she succumbed. Then I puttered around online and read my book, The Connected Child by Karen Purvis. We kept texting Dorah, anxious to hear if there had been any headway made for Jaydn's passport but no reply. We made dinner plans at one of the restaurants in the posh Golf Course Hotel with Natasha and Deborah. The eatery itself wasn't posh, just the hotel- fancy schmancy for Uganda. Dorah called while I was there and said that our passport paperwork was received and paid for so they are processing it now. That means we could get it tomorrow or Wed. We pray we get it tomorrow with our formal ruling so we can get a Visa appointment ASAP! I know all this may sound confusing but there are 3 things we need:
1. Formal ruling (expected tomorrow)
2. Passport (expected either tomorrow or Wednesday)
3. Visa appointment (we can only schedule this if we have the above two items). After the appointment they say the Visa will be ready in 48 hours but with Thanksgiving holiday we are praying for a miracle and a same day issuing or we will be in country Thur-Monday for no reason-just waiting for the Visa while they have a few days off for a holiday they don't even celebrate. On the plus side however, even if we don't get our Visa until Tuesday, if we can get a flight out Tuesday night, we will make the 3 weeks in Uganda goal we set for ourselves from the beginning. SO PRAY!!! I know I keep saying that but a lot can happen tomorrow.

As we walked into the hotel, we saw a sign for a UNICEF meeting taking place in one of the board rooms and I was tempted to walk in there with my daughter that I was adopting in hand and give them a chance to say to her face that she was better off in an institution like they claim in the media but ultimately I just opted to walk away knowing they were wrong. We had a blast tonight- loads of laughter, brain freezes and even a few diapers thrown in our faces. We needed some playfulness as each day can bring such highs and lows while waiting for adoption news. Today Natasha heard that she might have to stay in country longer than expected or financially able, so we celebrated the possibility of what God is going to do, despite all practicality in both of our stories. They have become dear friends to us and we are so thankful they are here. By the end of the night, Jaydn was spent so we came back and she crashed. Thus here we are, prayerfully awaiting the hours that come after the sun rises and all the potential it holds for our length of stay here. We can't wait to see what God is going to do!


Cameron and Megan said...

Praying for Visa in hand!

Anonymous said...

Okay, normally I try to keep things all spiritual and encouraging, but I am cracking up at the thought of you storming the UNICEF meeting! Sounds so like me! :) We're still diligently praying for your requests. Love to all of ya and Happy Thanksgiving! The Atkins Clan