A super size hope

Today's message at church was knowing Christ through His works (last week was through His word). The opening story was encouraging us not to just settle for small, mustard seed hope, although that's all God needs to do amazing things. Not just to seek medium, large or extra large faith but to experience what God can do even more so with SUPER SIZE HOPE. I have super size hope that tomorrow the judge will sign our papers early enough for us to get all the other little details worked out and we can get into the Embassy tomorrow and get a Visa appointment for Wednesday. I have super size hope that our Visa appointment will go smoothly and we will be granted a Visa and able to leave the country by Friday night at the latest. I have super size hope I will be holding all three of my children by this time next week!

As if going to Watoto church wasn't wonderful enough, I happened to run into a girl that was on our international build team back in 2006 when we were in Uganda. Her name is Jo and she is from Australia. She sat with us and afterward went to lunch with us. It was so great to catch up! She has been volunteering off and on at Watoto church since we came back in 2006. Last time she was here she worked with the babies home for a year, then went home for a while, and this time she has been working with Watoto 360- a discipleship program for after high school aged students. She heads home in 20 days. It was so cool to sit back and think about how so many people from the build team have returned to Uganda to do some sort of work here. Testimony that this country grips your heart and doesn't let go. The red dirt gets in your veins and you are forever destined to be connected with this place. Jo told me that she never goes to the 10am service (usually goes to the 2pm with her 360 team) but that today her group had to be elsewhere so she decided to come early. I know why she was really there though- thanks God for crossing our paths today! It was so great to see her.

We had lunch at our Sunday usual Mwenzo buffet and I enjoyed another waffle and pineapple juice. We had so many friends at our table: Nathan/Jaydn/I; Jo-from our build team; Claire- from Action for Children; Natasha and Deborah- our UK friends also waiting for a Visa to get home; and another Jo- she works at An Open Door organization in UK and came to Uganda to volunteer at the orphanage here. I looked around and was so amazed at how God has provided so much company for us during our stay. When we thought for sure we would be here alone and all the other Holt families would have moved on (since we were the last of the original 7 families), we were proven so wrong. The Byerly's were a HUGE part of us feeling comfortable in this country. They have since gone home with their precious one, but were our sanity while they were here. Then, right before they left, God ordained our meeting Natasha and Deborah randomly in the mall one of the first few nights we were here and prompted her to give me her contact info. We have been together almost everyday for the past few weeks and we even joked around today about how it feels more like family than new friends. I have super size hope they are going home in the next few days and I am looking forward to our ice cream celebration in honor of their departure! As we have been here God has crossed our path with so many other faces and stories, at church, from our 2006 build team, through Action For Children/An Open Door, even in coffee shops at odd hours. God has done well in helping us not feel as alone in this process as we could have felt. Thank You God for friends and new faces- they have blessed us beyond measure. Then there is our online community- WHEW! We are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses! THANK YOU!

After lunch and a quick rain that made the air much cooler, we headed back to the apartment. Jaydn was visibly tired so we laid her down and she was out. I decided to join her and rested myself- Im liking this midday nap stuff. I was just laying around in the room when I heard Nathan talking childishly to the computer so I assumed he was Skyping the kids and I was right! I came and joined him and caught a glimpse of the cutest boy and girl I have ever seen. I am so grateful for my mom and Nathans parents being able to fill the gaps our being gone has left. Can't wait to tell them over Skype that we are coming home!!!! Soon and very soon, according to my super sized hope. After our chat with the Little Rock crew, I started making some garlic noodles for dinner while Nathan ran to the gas station to get some snacks.

Notes from snacks we have tried so far:
- Bar B Q chips are nasty.
- Chocolate Chip Cookies are made with Wheat flour :)
- Stoney (their brand of Ginger ale or Ginger beer as it is known here) is really gingery and strong and the last sip makes you cough.

Jaydn woke up from her nap about 4 hours later and joined us in time for dinner. Now its time for some play, even though normally we would be putting her to bed. Super sized hope tells me tomorrow will be a good day though.

What size is your hope this evening?

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Jennifer Garrison said...

I am praying with you that Monday is the day the ball starts rolling super fast. Lord please provide divine appointments this week for the Gaddis clan and put them on a plane by Friday at the latest. I ask you to allow them to spend next weekend with all their kids and their new church family. God we celebrate what you are doing!!!