So much to be thankful for

Today we woke up knowing it was a day to be thankful! So we were determined to make the most of the opportunities we had and enjoy them! Even though they don't celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK, our friends Natasha and Deborah knew from our conversations that today was big family event back in the U.S.. So they came to our apartment bearing gifts this morning: a bag of popped popcorn. We munched a little then headed down to the pool for some water play. Deborah and Nathan quickly got into a water fight and Jaydn got into the hot tub (warm tub) more today than ever before. Glad to see her becoming braver around bigger amounts of water- she loves baby tubs but is afraid of the pool or hot tub. I tried to lay out a little but there were some creepers staring at me from an apartment window just behind our complex so it was totally awkward. They didn't even try to hide their gaze, just looked right at me the entire time. After awhile we came in, changed clothes and headed to the mall for our Thanksgiving feast. I ordered a bean and cheese tortilla, served of course with "chips" AKA fries. Everything is served with fries on the side here, its hilarious. Nathan and Jaydn got the veggie lo mein noodles and cashew nuts with garlic sauce. For dessert we made our way to another cafe and they didn't have any of the flavors of ice cream we wanted from the menu just chocolate, strawberry or vanilla so we ventured elsewhere for some milkshakes. I got the expresso one and Nathan got the banana chocolate. We "feasted" in a new way this year. We came back to the apartment and were able to Skype with my stepdad Bob, and then also with everyone at our house in Little Rock (my mom, nathan's parents (in from KY), nathan's brother John (in from TX), and the kids/Jax and Jo.) I was so moved to see all the love surrounding our babies today. I know it may seem to go unnoticed by the kids but subconsciously they are comforted by their family today and that blesses us more than anything! We ate dinner at the apartment then made a run to the gas station down the street for some snacks. Now we are settling in, blessed by our day and all that it held.

Last night, b/c there was no Internet access from the apartment, I turned on the TV for the first time and got lost in the world of E! Entertainment. For the first time ever I saw who the Kardashians were, watched an episode of Jersey Shore (not the MTV one), and saw a program called Guilianna and Bill. I really could care less about any of it but it was a good escape from the bad day we had. Still no word about our ruling being typed up-its just ridiculous when we stop to think about it. So we try to distract ourselves and some days it works.

I must say that all of your encouragement and comments really do carry us during the times of drought. We know, trust and believe that Gods will and timing is perfect. We do NOT wish this concentrated time with Jaydn away. I think its just unnecessary some of the waiting that this government causes just b/c of laziness and lack of concern for whom their work effects. To them its a piece of paper, to us its our ticket home. Many here claim they understand our restlessness but culturally I don't think it is possible for them to relate. There is a slow mindset applied to everything here and by slow I don't mean patient or relaxed (like Hawaii's ALOHA spirit); I mean slow as in lazy and poor quality etc. But back to my point, your responses and comments are something we look forward to reading everyday so THANK YOU! When we are down, you remind us to keep looking up. When we start to focus on our smaller story, you share with us how this journey is effecting you and pointing you to THE bigger story and that helps us keep plugging along. God is using you to help energize us b/c as you can imagine, at times, this waiting gets tiring and frustrating. We are thankful for so much, including you! Enjoy your families today! God Bless!

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Amanda said...

We continue to pray for you daily. Bethany, you look amazing. Thanks so much for writing on this blog and updating us so frequently. We are all learning a lot from you! Hang in there.