I like today

As we sat staring at the fountains in front of garden city, surrounded by the new friends we have made in Uganda, Nathan turns to me and says, "Today has been good. I like today." It started out around 9am with some cereal and play around the apartment. We had some communication issues with the housekeeper in relationship to our laundry so our attention was lost in that when our ride to church arrived- we were still in our pjs. I rushed to get Jaydn dressed and our friend Claire helped put her shoes on while I threw on a dress and we hurried out the door. We love going to Watoto church! We came in 2006 a few times and just fell in love with the worship and the atmosphere of genuine desire to be in that place of fellowship. The people line up around the building in the heat of the sun 4 times a day on Sundays to wait for a 2 hour, non air conditioned service to let out so they can be a part of the next one. None of this "being late b/c I don't really care" stuff. They herd in and find a seat, any seat, and the heart felt expression of praise begins. They started with "Today is the Day" which made us break a sweat real fast! I just love the movement and passion of being a part of a church like this one. Anyway, it was really hot in there and Claire suspected Jaydn needed some air so she took her outside for a little while to cool off. The sermon was quite controversial. It was discussing the different ideologies out there and how/why Christ is the only true way to a relationship to God. He called out some major religious groups including Islam (also in Uganda) and Catholicism. Then, he called out a mayor candidate that has called himself the "cities messiah" during his campaign. You see elections are coming up in Uganda in February so politics is a heated, pretty much violent topic right now. It was brave of the pastor to call the guy out like that. After church we were waiting inside for our ride to come and I saw someone passing us in the crowd that I knew! Can you believe it!? It was a girl we worked closely with while here building with Watoto Children's Ministry back in 2006. She is from New Zealand. She has been working here at a babies home that I am planning to visit while in country and before I ever made it there, she was walking right past me at church. I called out her name and she turned and saw us and we caught up as much as we could before she needed to head into the service that was already underway. We left church and headed to brunch at my favorite resturaunt, so far, and it was soooo good. They made us waffles, omelets, various pastries, curry vegetables etc. We have found that anytime we put authentic Ugandan food on Jaydn's plate, she passes it up for the other choices. I think she is done with beans and porrage for awhile. She is really funny about using the fork, if she can't pick it up fast enough, she will pick the food up with her fingers and then place it on the fork and eat it. She is trying. I am really falling in love with the little girl the Byerly's are adopting too- Joyce. Her laugh is amazing and it warms my heart every time she reaches over to hold my hand or comes to sit by me. She is precious. Hope to see them again in the future! After lunch we made the trek back home and hung around the apartment for awhile before starting dinner. We had such a big lunch none of us ate much. We tried to skype with the kids again but they were getting ready for church and Jaydn was ready for bed. She even fell asleep on me while we were online which the kids at home thought was the cutest thing ever. Then I got to talk to my mom and step dad for 2 hours on skype which I always love. All in all, a great day. There is no time in Africa so you can lose track of your day quickly which is a nice feature when you are here for an undetermined amount of time.

Tomorrow we have our medical report done and Jaydn gets the TB shot (YIKES). Then we plan to go to the craft market and grab lunch. We are anxious to find out how much Jaydn weighs! At this point we are trying to get done what we can so that when time calls for it, we will be ready to move forward. Its interesting the responses that I have been getting from my last post "What we're praying for." Some encouraging me to have impractical faith while others trying to prepare me for the emotional cost of having expectations too high. So let me tell you this. I am a cynical person by nature. "If it can go wrong, it will" is generally my mindset. So to have an idealistic outcome of the next few weeks is foreign. Hope takes effort for me. So let me assure you that I am not hanging my faith on the date the judge gave us for NOV 23rd. I am in fact faithfully believing that God is capable of going beyond all practicality and I would be honored if He wanted to use this part of our story to do exactly that! I am expectant b/c there is so much potential in this journey. If it doesn't happen like I had hoped, God is still God and He is still good. I will make it home eventually and His timing is always perfect. Prayerful and hope-filled and looking forward to His plan, however it may unfold!


Anonymous said...

The journey is unfolding exactly as it is meant to. We share a kinship of cynicism I'm afraid to say, but in this I'm confidently assured that God has this journey mapped to perfection. It has been such a joy and blessing to walk it with you. We are fervently praying for yours and Nathan's peace as you walk blindfolded with the Father. The trust it takes to do that doesn't come naturally, but boy are we blessed when we do! Love you all and can't wait to see the whole family united in the same country! :)
Mandy A.

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