Africa Time

There is a saying that when you are here you are on "Africa time" which means to never expect things to happen when they say they will. The Ugandans are very aware of this term but even though they know its true, they don't like it. Well today was a reminder that we are on Africa time. We were told to be ready at 8am to go to the Dr. for Jaydn's medical exam so we set the alarm for 7:30am. We got dressed, ate and then sat around so long we found time to Skype with Daniel Head (it was 1am his time). So basically we didn't even leave our apartment until 10:30am. We sat outside the DR and when they called us in Jaydn walked in fine but then quickly turned and tried to lead me out of the office. Later I learned that the Dr. office we were in was identical to the one she had experienced at the orphanage and b/c having malaria is like catching a cold here- she knew a shot was coming. As soon as they asked her to step on the scale, the crying started. I tried to step in but Dora suggested I let them do the mean part and I could comfort her to help the bonding and trust between us. Sounded good to me! So often as a mom you have to be both-the bad guy and the comforter. She wailed and cried and kept liftingup her legs so she wouldn't be on the scale when finally Dora just held her, weighed in, then put her down and weighed herself again to get the difference. She weighed in at 37lbs. So she weighs more than Jaxon but its all compact in her 2 yr old body. Then Dora held her tight while they gave her the TB shot which of course was heartbreaking for me to watch. She soothed pretty quickly and we were on our way. Its funny b/c they told us not to let her scratch it or get water on it until Thursday when they check the results. Later I learned that the only reason for not wanting it exposed to water is so the marker circle they drew around the shot place wont wash off. The marker highlights where to check when we come back on Thursday. We opted to not worry about it and if need be we will just redraw the circle if it washes off :) Then we drove to one of the local craft markets and bought some gifts for our family- Christmas will be close at hand when we get home so we figured this would help us get a jump on things! Of course we bought ourselves some stuff too but if you have ever been to our house, you know, we already have quite an African theme going on. As usual Jaydn kept looking so sleepy so we swore that after lunch we would make sure she got a nap today. We always fear the effects that may have at bedtime but we could see plainly that she needed to rest. We ate lunch and today she tried chicken for the first time and loved it. I ate hummus and Nathan had the veggie burger that we both had the first day we were here. Our friends had their Visa appointment today so we walked back to the apartment alone and prayed for their coming meeting. I opted to lay downwith Jaydn and though it takes a little while and she sung anrolled around, she fell asleep and we rested for a couple of hours. Nathan woke her up around 4 to try and give space before bedtime. We went over to our friends house to hear about their appointment and are SO excited for them that they will be leaving for home Thursday. One thing I have learned about dealing with the American Embassy is that they are off for both Ugandan and American holidays. So random holidays pop up like some Muslim one tomorrow and Veterans Day last week. It seems like they hardly work with all these breaks. Visa appointments only take place on Mondays and Wednesdays so you try to get as much as you can get done within that time frame. We are so thankful to have been prepped by HOLT with all the necessary paperwork so those appointments typically go flawlessly and with ease. We decided to all go out for pizza and a treat to celebrate their great news so we made the daily trek to the Oasis mall area. After dinner the kids had ice cream (minus Jaydn) and even though I wanted a treat, I couldn't find one I wanted right then. So we walked back and here we are. We let Jaydn calm a little and read her some books (turned the pages) before putting her down and so far she has only come out once. I'm pretty sure she is asleep now though. Tuesday is a blank day so we aren't sure what will happen.

I have to tell you about someone really incredible that I met while I've been here. It is my African husband. He is AMAZING! He helps me with the kiddo without being asked, he lets me sleep if I need to, he washes and sterilizes the dishes every night, and he makes me tea before bed every night. I have fallen in love with this man. I really hope he comes home with me b/c he sure does make my fabulous life even that much sweeter.

1. Jaxon and Jovie: Its obvious they are missing us and Lord knows we miss them too.
2. We have the ideas and willingness to do/say whatever needs to be done/said to make this process streamlined and timely so pray that our attempts are matched with a willingness to try by the people that represent us: our lawyer (Sam), Dora, the passport office, the embassy etc.
3. That our bond with Jaydn will continue to grow and that our communication would keep opening through that trusting relationship.
4. That we would learn how to soothe Jaydn during her crying/yelling fits quickly and effectively.
5. That our investigation has been started by the Embassy.
6. That our judge decides to give us a short order before the 23rd so we can start her passport.

Thanks friends! We love having you here with us as we journey to Jaydn.

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Anonymous said...

I miss you guys, which is strange 'cause you never lived too close to me... but having you there with Jaydn (see I'm getting better) makes me want to see you all the more! I'm praying hard for you!