3 steps forward, 2 steps back

My thought process this morning was to stay in bed as long as possible to help the day go by quicker. So I laid around with a sore back on our hard bed until about 10:30am. When I did enter the living room I found Nathan and Jaydn Skyping with our friend Andy from college. It was good to see him, even if I did look like death. I looked at the phone every 5 minutes just to see if Dorah had called or texted but nothing. We leisurely walked to Cafe Java for lunch where I enjoyed a Greek salad and tomato basil soup and Nathan and Jaydn ate curry chicken dishes with rice. Dorah called around 1pm and told us that the judge had given his ruling and that it was in our favor, we were approved by the Ugandan court to be the legal guardians of Jaydn! We were thrilled. We assumed that meant our ruling would then be taken to the orphanage for them to sign the relinquishment portion, then we could get Jaydn's passport and head over to the Embassy and beg for an appointment tomorrow! So we walked back to the apartment, attempted to put Jaydn down for a nap (with no success) and waited for a call. We didn't hear anything and as I made a call to the Ugandan Compassion International staff to finalize our sponsor child meeting, our phone ran out of minutes and we couldn't call or text. So we started gathering our things to make the walk back to the mall area so we could purchase more minutes to put on our phone. Just then an email came in regarding the closing on our house and there was some paperwork they were requiring our signatures on before things would be finalized. We had to put the file on a jump drive, take that to the internet cafe in the mall, print it out, sign it, scan it and save it on our jump drive then come back to the apartment to email it to the agency. So at the mall we did all that and put minutes on our phone. While there, Dorah called and explained the full story about what took place today. It seems that just when you think you are making progress, you learn more of the details and find out its not as much of a move forward as you had previously thought. Apparently all "getting our ruling" means is that the judge sat in front of our lawyer, in a court room, and declared that he is ruling in our favor. What is supposed to happen next is his secretary types up the documents, takes them back into the judge and has him sign them and give them his official seal. Well although our lawyer waited around most of the afternoon, the secretary did not complete the documents. So we have nothing.

What happens next is that our lawyer waits around again tomorrow and hopefully the judge's secretary gets everything together and signed/sealed in enough time we can get to the orphanage and get the right page signed, get Jaydn's passport and get into the Embassy so we can see if there is a slight chance we could get in tomorrow or most likely Monday for a Visa appointment. So needless to say our breaths are heavy and though we are hopeful, we know even the best results at this point will require us to be in country Wednesday-Monday for no reason whatsoever- just waiting. That's the annoying part. We are scheduled to meet our Compassion sponsor child on the 30th so we have that to look forward to but the other days, we will try to think of something to fill our time. We saw there is a bowling alley nearby that has karaoke night on Thursday so perhaps we will try that out!? Ha!

As for Jaydn, she is really opening up. She is happy now most of the time, as opposed to her closed in/defensive self. But she thinks the world is her playground so when we are out of the apartment it can become almost dangerous how often she latches to strangers and drops to the ground as we are walking b/c she wants to be playful. It looks really bad when Im yanking her off the ground trying to get her to stand up or peeling her fingers off of every leg in the crowd on the streets. Sheesh!

We got to Skype with our friends the Ives family today, including their little girl from Jaydn's orphanage named Esther. It was so cute to watch them wave and say "Uganda" to each other. Jaydn also Skyped with her brother and sister to which she blew kisses and said their names and lit up the faces of Jax and Jo. I can't wait to get them together!

So overall our day has felt more like we have taken 3 steps forward and 2 steps back. We are holding on to the hope that tomorrow a lot more will happen that moves us forward so that next week, there will be very few, if any, steps back. Its official, though, we have been in country for 2 weeks.

Keep praying please. We need as much intercessory support as we can get b/c only God can move government leaders to do their job in a timely manner. We are expectant and grateful for every step, no matter what direction it takes us. We know that Gods plan will prevail and we are fervently awaiting that plan to be revealed to us as we go. The journey is the reward, as they say.

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