Where are we now?

First of all I need to apologize for how confusing this process can seem (and in reality IS). Being that our international adoption road is not a paved one just requires us to lean into God's sovereign and comforting arms even more so and for that we are grateful. Uganda just opened their doors to international adoption last summer so every family that goes through the program sheds light on what will be for families to come. This is a pilot program so we learn as we go. Unfortunately that has brought a lot of set backs. Some that are within personnel control and some that are not. In an attempt to explain the process we have been in thus far, in case you are just joining us, I will offer this break down summary.

June 2009- We apply for the Holt International Uganda adoption program and are accepted!
December 2009- We receive our referral for our daughter (Jaydn-the name we will give her) Priscilla.
January 2010- We complete all the necessary paperwork from our end- and there was A LOT!
February 2010- Uganda places a hold on granting Visa's. In other words, no one was allowed to leave the country with their children so adoptions were at a stand still until some wording was clarified in the paperwork.
May 2010- Visas start being granted but very slowly so adoptions begin moving again.
June 2010- A ton of Ugandan judges retire and new judges are trained but at the cost of delayed proceedings.
July-August 15 2010- Ugandan courts are closed for the rainy season b/c travel is unsafe and difficult. During this time I learn that I have to have two pieces of paperwork processed by Uganda in order to be given a court date- 1. A PO report and 2. An affidavit.
August 14, 2010- Jaydn Priscilla turns 2 years old!
August 18, 2010- I receive word that our PO report is completed.
August 31, 2010- I receive word that our Affidavit is completed.

So where are we now? We are finally at the doorstep of the answer to the question we get asked most, "So when do you go get her?" Hopefully soon we will have a response other than, "I don't know." Were we given an estimate for our court date? Sure but any answer we are given at this point is broad so that they wont have to retract anything. They say we will have a court date within 6 months or less. We are praying, and ask you to pray along with us, that it will be WAY less. We want our baby home!

Another prayer request is for the 2 families in our adoption program that will be traveling THIS WEEK to Uganda for their court dates, where they will be granted legal guardianship of their kids (also at the orphanage where Jaydn is). Their trip will answer a lot of questions for the us about what we can (generally) expect during our stay there. Each step they take makes our path more clear so pray for them as they pioneer a lot of the areas we have yet to experience ourselves.

Lastly, pray for the remaining 3 families (including us) that await the day we will be given a court date. A day and a month that we have been praying our way to for over a year! The day where we will get to hold our babies for the first time. A finish line we continuously watched move further and further away since the day we began but will now be able to mark on our calendar and look forward to! A day when 3 more orphans will wake up like every other day but over the course of a few hours, learn the truth that they are loved and are united with a family of their own. A day to celebrate indeed!

So much to pray for, I know, but God has woven this story together and it has been a more magnificent picture than we could have ever imagined. I invite you to join with us, and the other adopting families, as we watch God get His glory through this tumultuous and faith growing journey. Your support sustains us!
Bethany Gaddis

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Cameron and Megan said...

We just found your blog, we are hoping to start a Ugandan adoption through Holt soon (we go before the WC commitee next week). We look forward to following your journey.
Parying for a court date for you!