What's it going to take to bring Jaydn home?

My sweet friend Jennifer Carter handed me this Ziploc bag yesterday with coins and a few dollar bills in it and facetiously said, "Im sure this will go a long way in helping to bring Jaydn home." Truth is, thats EXACTLY what its going to take to bring our daughter home!

You see, Jennifer has been quiet about it over the past year but she has truly been such a blessing to us during this adoption journey. Is it because she wrote a huge check? No. She is a blessing because she gets it! She knows that this adoption isn't about the Gaddis Family. It isn't even about the First Baptist Naples family. She knows that this adoption is about God's family- and if you've read the Bible you know, that God's family is global.

Jennifer is a third grade teacher and when we announced to our church that we were adopting she started a prayer chain in her classroom. The students would write their prayers for Jaydn on a strip of paper and then intertwine them with another students prayer so that together they would make a chain hanging in their room. This reminded them of missions and that children just like them deserve families too. They even had a picture of Jadyn hanging up in their room! Then they started an offering in the class to help us financially. That is what the Ziploc bag represents- kids giving to a greater story. As if that weren't enough, Jennifer shared with me stories yesterday about how her children are praying for us and how they talk about Jaydn coming home and why it is that we haven't gone to get her yet (we all wish it were that simple). My heart was so warmed by the thought that other people are thinking about the hole that we live with daily until Jaydn is home. Other families are praying for our baby girl around their beds at night. That is amazing!

This is what adoption is about. Its not about money, or rescuing a child, or being saints for taking in a kid. Adoption is about the Gospel pricking our hearts enough that we bleed with love for the orphans. A love that gives more than just their dollars but gives of their hearts.

So thank you again to all of the people who have donated their hearts to this journey we are taking. That's exactly what its going to take to bring not only our daughter but other children, home.


Laura said...

I love this post, I love adoption, I love Uganda, I love African Babies, I love Jen Carter, and I just love to see the Church being the Church!

Can't wait until your sweeties is HOME!!!

Lyndsay Taylor said...

just want you to know i am still praying for you all and Jadyn Priscilla! your blogs break my heart because I know what you're going through, and I also know the depth of relief and joy you will feel when she's home. I don't understand the process/why, but this will be in the past someday and God will be glorified.
Lyndsay Taylor