She is more than just numbers and facts

We received an informational update on Jaydn Priscilla a few days ago. While its comforting to hear about her growth and development, I would rather get to see and experience them firsthand. But alas, this apparently isn't God's timing...sigh.

So here she is in numbers and notes:

Birthday: August 14th, 2008
Weight: 15 KG (AKA 33lbs)
Height: 85 CM (AKA 33.5 in)

Priscilla is able to stand and walk on her own with out support. However her ability to run is challenged by the fact that she is a chubby baby. Even when she walks,she is not so stable and is not able to balance so well.

Pricilla is a very open and social child. She is able to make friends in an instant and she loves people. She is able to express liking for some one even when she has met them for the first time. She can express need for affection by being around the person from whom the affection is saught.

Priscilla is a very expressive child, She may not be able to express her self well verbally but physically expresses her emotions especially when she is happy or excited. She loves to play with the little animal toys at the home

SIDE NOTE: She weighs 2 lbs less than Jaxon and he is 5! My baby girl is a chunk and I love it!

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