After a 3 1/2 month hiatus, the Ugandan government has started issuing Visa's for adopting families again. As long as our paperwork includes the proper adoption and immigration wording, we will be able to get a court date. The issue in question now is whether we will be asked to take 1 trip (4-6 weeks) or break it up into 2 trips (1-2 weeks each) to complete the legal processing. This is all going to be tested out by the first 2 families in our agency program that are expecting to get court dates as early as June. There are 5 families waiting to go and get their children and we are last on the "list." There is talk that the Ugandan government closes their courts for 6 weeks or so during the "rainy season" due to the difficulty of travel on their unpaved, red dirt roads during that time. This typically starts in July so being that we are last in line and the courts will be closed for a period of time, I am not expecting a date soon but I am glad to hear that things are moving again. Of course the looming date for us is August 14th, Jaydn's 2nd birthday. We can't stand the thought of missing more moments with her, especially milestones like her birthday. Please continue to pray for us as we wait "our turn" but also for the families going ahead of us that their paths will be purposeful and educational so we can all know a little bit more of what to expect when we get there and how long things will take. Pray for us as we watch another milestone pass us by without Jaydn in August and that we will be able to be patient in waiting, trusting that God's timing is indeed perfect!
Thanks everyone.
I so look forward to the day when I get to send one of these things out with specific dates we are leaving and pictures of our baby girl at home!! Soon I pray.

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whittakerwoman said...

Oh I am so happy for you guys! I can't wait to hear more! H