A blessing during a dark time

If you haven't already heard, I have connected with the other families in the Uganda adoption program. 5 out of the 7 of us are awaiting the ruling in Uganda so that we can get Visa's approved and go get our babies. The other two families have already gone and picked up their little ones. The most amazing thing happened when I connected to these other hurting, waiting, and praying moms; I met Erika. Erika and her husband brought their daughter Esther home from Uganda in November. When I shared the information I had about Jaydn Priscilla, Erika contacted me personally. She sent me a picture of a little girl that followed them around the entire time they were at the orphanage asking if this was our referral. It was our Jaydn! She proceeded to send me a few more pictures and even a short video clip of our baby girl from the time they were with her. Erika told me that Priscilla and Esther seemed to be best friends at the orphanage. But it gets even better- Erika and her family live in Tampa Bay! They are just a few hours from us. So when we get Jaydn home, we can reunite the two friends again!

Connecting to these women has been priceless to me. In a time when I felt all alone, I found that Im not. Other moms are aching like I am. I got an email the other day of one of the women venting her frustrations and heartache and it was so comforting. Im not the only one thinking or feeling these things right now. We are scheduled to have a conference call tomorrow evening with the adoption agency so I am looking forward to that-perhaps even hearing the voices of some of these new friends of mine on the line asking questions we all have. It may not reveal anything different but as one woman perfectly put it "we all know even hearing the words "nothing" is better than hearing nothing."

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whittakerwoman said...

That is so sweet! What a great blessing in this hard time! H