Waiting again

The adoption process is a lot of hurry up and wait steps. I am excited to say that we have (as far as I know) completed the hurry up part but Im not so excited that the rest is mainly waiting. Our Dossier has been sent and approved by our adoption agency (HOLT International) but we are currently waiting for the African government to assign us a court date. That date will determine our travel and give us a general idea of when Jaydn will be coming home. Nathan tends to be more optimistic than me and he was hoping for a March "gotcha date" but after the email I got today that doesn't look too likely. Apparently there are families who submitted their Dossiers back in 2009 that still haven't been supplied with a court date so its unlikely that we will have one as soon as we had hoped. So we are back to waiting. Please pray that during the wait we will be able to pull together the last bit of funds we need to get ourselves there and back- whenever that is!

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We appreciate all the prayers and support- they keep us hopeful during these long waiting periods!

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