The heart of a child

Yesterday I got one of the sweetest donations yet! It came in the form of a manilla envelope and when I opened it up, I was amazed. It was a collage of pictures from a family in our church that had already donated to help bring Jaydn home. I had asked them to write a letter and send a family picture to add to Jaydns family photo album. This is what we got.

A portion of their family letter read like this:
"Even though in the beginning we had intended to simply answer a call from God out of obedience, the tug on our hearts grew stronger as we heard more about your story. Jaydn has impacted our family in a way we never expected. Our boys innocently comment on how they want a new baby like Jaxon while our daughter Jenna has started a calendar of days recording her coin contributions for Jaydn."

Next to those words is a picture of Jenna pointing to her coin chart with Jaydn's picture attached.

Then on another sheet of paper it read this:
Dear Gaddis Family,
Here is 5 dollars from getting my teeth pulled. I can't wait to meet Jaydn Priscilla! I am praying for you.

Attached was a ziploc bag with $5 inside.

This is the stuff we have been experiencing throughout this process. Everyone's story is so unique as to why they donated or got involved with our adoption. We love hearing them all! This is what brings life to an otherwise paper-only journey. This is what adoption is all about.

Thank you friends for not just giving but walking the journey WITH us.

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dawn said...

LOVE this! we've experienced the same sweet blessings..... thank you for sharing!