The Story God is writing is so much bigger than me.

Over the past 6 months we have been trying to raise funds to bring our little girl home from Uganda. We didn't know how it would happen, just that it would, somehow and someway. But what God has revealed to us during this time has been simply amazing. We have come to see that this story is about more than just Jadyn Priscilla becoming a Gaddis (which is a huge story in and of itself). The story God is writing has WAY more characters than that. The story has you, and every other person that has donated, bought a shirt, and said a prayer for us.

Recently we were able to sit down and talk to a family that donated to our adoption and we were able to hear the back story of what God was up to, behind the scenes of our own life, that brought them to the point of writing us a check. It blew us away. We felt so honored to be a small part of a God-sized story. It opened our eyes to the fact that God is alive and well and working in the hearts and lives of so many of you and somehow, in ways we could never understand, He has woven our stories together "for such a time as this." This isn't about me, Jaydn, or our family...it's been about God and His purposes being brought about through His people who "have ears and hear."

So in reflection of that, allow me to say THANK YOU! Thank you for letting God do a mighty work in your lives and for your faithfulness to Him. It is evident in the way you have showered us with support and prayers that God's will is being done in and through so many of His children collectively. I can't believe He has chosen little ol' me to be the temporary caregiver of His precious children Priscilla, Jaxon and Jovie. I am amazed at how He is orchestrating your financial lives and heart deep promptings to give the money we need to bring our baby girl home. It truly is an honor and we sincerely are humbled.

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Financial Update:
Need for Program Fee: $9,690
Raised so far: $7,500
Still needed: $2,190

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