A new name

Hello everyone! We wanted to share some exciting news with you.

We have been going back and forth, and back and forth on whether or not to keep our adopted little girl's name as 'Priscilla' or give her a new name.

The basis behind giving her a new name is this: Priscilla is her orphan name. It is the name that was given to her by the orphanage when she was left and abandoned by her parents as an infant. They left no information about her, so the orphanage gave her the name, Priscilla. When we were redeemed through Christ, and adopted into his love, mercy, grace and family, the bible says that we are given a new name (Revelation 2:17). We are no longer orphans, but adopted into the family of God.

We have been thinking about that approach with Priscilla. 'Priscilla' is her orphan name. However, she will not be an orphan much longer. She will be ours. She will be part of the Gaddis family. So because of that, we considered renaming her completely.

However, 'Priscilla' is what she knows. Being an orphan is what she knows. She probably remembers nothing about her parents or about being abandoned. So we have decided to keep 'Priscilla' as part of her name.

We did decide to give her a "new name" as well. A name that Bethany and I have loved since before Jaxon was born 5 years ago. A name that, we now know, was laid on our hearts before precious Priscilla was even a thought.


Therefore, her name, once we get her home, will be:

Jaydn Priscilla Gaddis

we will probably call her 'jay jay' or 'JP' or 'Prissy' or...just kidding. We will ease her into being called Jaydn.

I know many of you had asked about this, so there is your answer. Now you have a full name to pray for.

Man, I hope she can feel all of the prayers that are surrounding her from all over the world. She is one loved child...and she doesn't even know it yet.

Let me, in closing, encourage you to read Bethany's last message about 'Crunch Time'. We need your help! Please pray about what is in that bulletin from her.

She is almost home.


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~love said...

i came here from a link on twitter. love your shirts and just got my husband and i one each!
jaydn priscilla is a beautiful name. that is what we did with our little 15 month old boy when he came home from uganda this Fall, too. (gave him new name and kept the orphanage name as his middle)
continued blessings on this beautiful journey!