$25 Dollar Challenge

This is from our Facebook Cause Group:

I just noticed that there are now 488 members in this Facebook Group. Wow! Do you know what could happen with that many people supporting us??? We could bring our little girl home! So here is my challenge to you. If everyone in this group donated $25 we would be done fundraising. Thats it! $25!!! IM EVEN CHALLENGING THE 200 or so TEENAGERS THAT SIGNED UP JUST TO LOOK COOL! $25 from everyone in here would give us $12,200. Thats amazing. If for some reason we have surplus, we will put that money into the J127 Project at our church- the brand new ministry to orphans and widows! So your giving can keep giving! Take the challenge! Donate your $25 here:http://tinyurl.com/lv4oax

Also, if you would like to receive tax-exemption on your donation, please contact us directly and we will let you know how to do that.

Be a part of this miracle! So many already are but we are missing YOU!

Nathan Gaddis
Cause Admin

*update: We have now raised around $750. Keep it up!!*

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