The shirts on TV

My friend Angie (designer of the LOVE RUNS DEEPER THAN BLOOD shirts), went to New York with some other friends of mine Rissa and Adria Arias last week. While they were there they decided to go to the Today show set and stand outside in the freezing cold just in case they would get the chance to be on TV. The coolest part about all of this is that they took with them a few of our adoption shirts and held them up every time the camera came past them. I watched live from KY with tears in my eyes that my friends would do such a sweet thing for us! They had a few pictures on Facebook that I am stealing for this post so I can prove to you how amazing these ladies are!

I am so humbled that my friends are so supportive and are looking for anyway they can to help us get the word out and get the financial support we need to bring our little girl home! Thanks Ang, Rissa and Adria- I am forever grateful.

Angie and Natalie Morales
Angie and Lenny
Rissa and Ang (Adria took the pictures)

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